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AHAM's Neutralizing Your Negative Past (NNP) Workshop Graduates Share Their Experience



"I am experiencing more trust. When I still the mind I am receiving guidance. I am experiencing peace, self-acceptance and gratitude."
Annette D - Gainesville, FL



"I have gotten a deepening of the experience of the Truth of my Being. A greater acceptance of this truth. I don't see how I can look at the world again with the same eyes."
Kelly S - Yarmouth, ME



“I got more than I expected from NNP. I am experiencing self acceptance and love of myself, exactly as I am. No more feeling alone or separate.”
Chad J - Williamsburg, VA



"Forgiveness is really for myself since the traits I see are in me. I also feel more secure in the Self-Inquiry process."
Hanna C - Morehead City, NC



"I am able to forgive what I see in the present moment. I only want to be with others from love."
Jenny C - Asheboro, NC



“I would recommend the NNP Workshop to anyone. It enhances and deepens the process of Self-Inquiry and also deepens the awareness and connection with the Divine.”
Karen S - Hillsborough, NC



"I am experiencing a sense of a fresh start and well-being, letting go of a lot of baggage that I didn't realize I was carrying."
Donna H - Williamsburg, VA



"I am feeling blessed, light, free and empowered. I now understand the essence of compassion."
Usha R - Durham, NC


"I am experiencing the Heart and feeling a deep gratitude for receiving this conscious transformational tool and being here in this environment of pure love, where all that's 'not' just melts away."
Melinda B - Roanoke, VA


"I have a tool to release the past, forgive myself and others. I have the confidence that I can continue the process of Self-Inquiry and the Forgiveness Process."
Ed Z - Paulsbo, WA


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