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AHAM's Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (I SIT) Graduates Share Their Experience


"I have been searching for the words to use to express my experience with I SIT. It is ironic because I am the girl with many words. I had so many questions when I first came to AHAM. I still have a few and mostly I wait and the answers come. I’ve learned to be quiet and still about this, however, I will endeavor to use words and hope for the best."
Pam F - Asheboro, NC

Marion Anne


“I am now experiencing a true sense of peace, I AM, and I am aware. I accept my true sense of being. I am also experiencing fulfillment, completion, and love of myself.”
Marion Ann B - Campbell River, B.C., Canada


"My experience now after completing this (intensive Self-Inquiry Retreat Training) is blissfulness, peacefulness, and having my vessel (Self) filled with my Godness.  When asked if I would share this – why not share this!  Self-Inquiry and the I AM Centering Process are compatible in my life style."
Dorothy Gourdine - Randleman, NC





"I am experiencing gratitude for myself, Ramana, and the AHAM staff. I feel so blessed to have been drawn to Bhagavan and His teaching. This experience has opened a door for me that I could not have conceived of before."
Kelly S - Yarmouth, ME



“Deep engagement with the process and what is being revealed to me about myself as I practice the Inquiry. Suffused with gratitude.”
Bob M - Burnsville, NC



“I received a step-by-step process presented in a careful, thoughtful way to detach from the mind’s chatter and turn attention to the Self. I experience great peace during this practice – and realize I AM what I’ve been seeking.”
Ellen C - Indian Harbor Beach, FL



"The conscious company was amazing and much needed"
Benjamin P - Lexington, KY



"The Self-Inquiry replaces everything else for going deep within, to the I Am."
Millie B - Quebec, Canada



"I am experiencing a sense of the insignificance of my mind-body (ego). I have the tool to diminish the causes of unhappiness."
Virginia F - Cincinnati, OH



"Right now I am experiencing clarity and being fully present in this moment of Now. I appreciate the simplicity of the process. There is a connectedness and affection for my fellow participants."
Whit H - Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"I see the usefulness of Self-Inquiry in all spheres of my life, especially at work. I feel lighter and calm and excited about working the Self-Inquiry Process."
Steve P - Roanoke, VA


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