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Consciousness enjoys Itself here . . .

People often compliment the transformative conscious energy experienced at AHAM. We invite and welcome you to visit either of our retreat centers or to join in our teleconference calls to experience the deep meditative space of AHAM for yourself. This serene space is highly conducive to easing into the peace that is always present within us, beyond all distractions, habitual thought patterns and mental chatter.

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Saint Francis of Assisi

ALL are invited to come be a part of AHAM’s Purpose:
Awakening to, abiding in, and living from the pure awareness of Being.

We honor all beings as manifestations of the One Supreme Reality. Awaken with us to the true nature of Being, the stillness you really are, by experiencing one of our training programs or by enjoying a visit or personal retreat.

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Enjoy and share Sat Sanga with us.
Sat  =  Truth or Being
Sanga  =  in association with
Simply put, Sat Sanga is Conscious Company.
Join us in association with Being and Truth...
Experienced simply as “I AM”

Breath Awareness
Breath Awareness Meditation
An easy way to relax the body and calm the thoughts . . .



The Practice of Generosity
generosity and dana
Tithing, "Dana" or "Kindness and Generosity" donation & payment policy