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“Our Name is Our Purpose”

AHAM (pronounce both “a’s” like the “a” in “father” or “star”, and accent the last syllable, “ham”) in Sanskrit means the “self” or “ I ." AHAM is also an acronym for the ASSOCIATION OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL MANKIND, a nonprofit spiritual education organization. AHAM recognizes and honors all religions, cultures and walks of life. “Spiritual” as we in AHAM use the term is a sincere dedication to the realization and abidance in the true nature of one’s Self. The result of this realization is - for those who have carried this quest to its ultimate conclusion - abidance in Peace, Freedom, and Happiness independent of any person, place or thing. The nature of the true Self is pure existence, pure consciousness, and pure happiness, or bliss, which is the only true or real happiness untainted by sorrow.

A significant aspect of AHAM's teaching is to awaken, understand, evoke and consciously utilize your own inherent Power of Awareness. Learn to apply the Law of Conscious Assumption and the process of completion for finally completing all that's not finished in your life, that otherwise distracts your attention from the True Self, so that final realization and abidance in the Self may at last be attained.

AHAM was founded in 1978, and thousands of people from all parts of the world and all walks of life have benefited from its extensive yet Simple, Easy, Light and Fun (SELF) programs. Each program is based on the universal truth: that happiness is always, already man's natural state. Therefore, real happiness, being located in the Heart, or the core of the very Self, needs only to be appropriated or assumed by awakening the feeling that would be yours if it was already realized. This is easily accomplished by using Self-Inquiry, along with an effective combination of AHAM's other conscious processes.

Self-Inquiry, the subjective investigation into oneself in the form of the question “Who Am I?”, was recommended to the world by the illumined sage Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He lived in South India on the eastern slope of the Holy Hill Arunachala until His passing in 1950. Arunachala has been known since ancient times as a place of spiritual importance. Sri Bhagavan attained enlightenment as a mere boy of 16. By his grace and the use of Self-Inquiry there have been scores of his devotees who have also attained this highest spiritual state.

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