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2020 Program Calendar
(programs and dates are subject to change)

Note: Please review the program calendar and let us know
which programs you are interested in attending this year as
soon as possible. If there is a program you would like to attend,
but cannot due to the dates it’s being offered, then please
let us know.

Programs at AHAM Meditation Retreat & Training Center
Asheboro, NC, USA:

January and February

(AHAM Center in NC is preparing for the 2020 program season.)
See section below for January/February programs at
the AHAM Center in India.



6 - 8   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

14 - 22   Intensive Self-Inquiry Training



3 - 5   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

17 - 19   Conscious & Clear Living, Pt. 1 *

24 - 26   Sat Sanga Weekend



15 - 17   Conscious & Clear Living, Pt. 2 *

26 - 31   Buddy Training Pt. 1 *



5 - 7   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

17 - 21   Neutralizing Your Negative Past



3 - 5   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

11 - 19   Intensive Self-Inquiry Training

31 - Aug. 2   Awaken to Awareness Retreat



July 31 - Aug. 2   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

12 - 16   Conscious Communication & Relationship *

23    AHAM Anniversary Celebration



4 - 6   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

18 - 20   Sponsor Training & Gathering *



2 - 4   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

9 - 11   Sat Sanga Weekend

23 - 25   Buddy Training Pt. 2 *



6 - 8   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

14 - 22   Intensive Self-Inquiry Training



4 - 6   Awaken to Awareness Retreat

9 - 13   Neutralizing Your Negative Past

31   New Year's Eve at AHAM


For Advanced Graduate Curriculum * programs,
please contact AHAM USA at 336-381-3988 as early as possible.

There are no pre-requisites for either the Awaken to Awareness Retreat
or the Intensive Self-Inquiry Training.


Printable 2020 Program Calendar

AHAM India 2020 Winter Season


January 3 - 10   Intensive Self-Inquiry Training

January 27 - Feb 13   Pilgrimage (Proposed)

February 2 - 8   Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (proposed)

February 15   Aradhana ceremony (A. Ramana's death anniversary)


For India Ashram program info, please contact:
the AHAM Center USA at 336-381-3988 or
email: generalmail@aham.com or AHAM India at: arunaham@vsnl.com



In AHAM, we are often asked the question,
“How does one remain connected with the Source and stay
strong and steady in the Heart, or the Self, while living a busy lifestyle?
And, what about during my relationships, while fulfilling
my daily responsibilities and personal obligations? ” 

In answer A. Ramana explains:
“Remember often to draw your attention back into Awareness Itself,
and just imbibe of this quality of pure Awareness. As often as possible,
watch your activities as though you are watching someone else doing
them. It is like looking over your own shoulder. Watch the thoughts in
your mind, as you stay quietly, silently, abiding in the prior Awareness,
the feeling I AM — not ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’ but simply the pure
feeling of I AM. Merge your thoughts in IT, and the mind and feelings
will become one. This is Living Free!”

I AM Meditation
I AM centering process


India Pilgrimage
AHAM Ashram Tiruvannamalai, South India - send email for more info ahamcntr@asheboro.com


Self-Inquiry Experience
Self-Enquiry Experience Lotus
The ultimate process for merging completely into the natural state - into the presence of NOW.