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Self-Inquiry . . .
The Meditation for anyone, anytime, anywhere . . .

The mission of AHAM is to provide to the world a clear, direct way to realize, or re-cognize (know again) one's true Self-nature. We accomplish this by offering unique and effective training in Self-Inquiry, the method used by the enlightened sage Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Self-Inquiry is seen and practiced as a way to experience and stabilize your direct connection with the Source, the One Self, which is ever abiding in and as the Heart of Awareness. In this conscious process, the Realization dawns that living in and from the Heart, the Self, or the I AM of pure Being, is always, already the Truth... being in fact the One Reality, or all there is.


"Simply remain present as you are. Fully accept what occurs as it occurs, just as it is presently occurring. Totally let go into your own being. Be fully centered in the now-presence of your own being, prior to what is occurring, and just let it occur. It’s all occurring in your presence. It’s occurring through you, or from you as an expression of you, but not you as an ‘individual’, rather you as the One Self."

— A. Ramana


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