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Arunachala Meditation Hall

"One who accustoms themself naturally to meditation and enjoys the bliss of meditation will not lose their samadhi state whatever external work they do, whatever thoughts may come to them."

— Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


Rick Perry

The newest addition to the Main House, the Arunachala Meditation Hall, was completed in 2006 and dedicated to the memory of Rick Perry, who had been involved with AHAM since the early 1980’s and died in August 2005.  Arunachala Meditation Hall was named after the mountain in South India that has been revered as a sacred place since ancient times.  Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi lived on or around the mountain after his time of transformation, feeling that Arunachala drew him to itself and that the mountain is the divine itself. The stillness and silence of the Arunachala Meditation Hall expresses that divine quality, drawing us into the peace of simple Being-ness itself, making our minds still.


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Meditation Hall 1

Meditation Hall 1

Meditation Hall 1

Meditation Hall 1 

Meditation Hall 1

Meditation Hall 1




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Sacred Mountain of South India.arunachala book cover Many Images from this book adorne our Meditation Hall.