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Guest and Student Accommodations at our
USA Meditation Center

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We are here to service to your highest well being. Our mission is to make your stay with us comfortable, peaceful, enjoyable and transforming. Our guest and student accommodations are ready to serve your physical needs and spiritual peace.

Every aspect of your stay has been considered so that you may receive the greatest benefit, whether you are here for a program, sacred service or private retreat. Living as part of the AHAM community while here provides an opportunity to utilize eyes-open meditation in our daily lives.

Our staff will provide you with three delicious vegetarian meals a day for your enjoyment. During our training programs most meals are prepared and served in the Main House. Also our Guest House and The Awareness Training Center have complete kitchens and dining facilities.

AHAM Volunteers - Ann Louise, Charlotte, Frankie and Gwen prepare a delicious meal


The Main House (sometimes also called the Sat Sanga House) is the center of daily life at AHAM . It is also the location of our main meditation hall, (Arunachala Hall), the main dining Room, The Silent Sanctuary and the AHAM Bookstore.

Main House Frontdoor . . . Main House living area . . . Main House living room . . . Main House kitchen . . . Main House dining room looking into the Sanctuary . . . The Sanctuary, shhhh no speaking please. Abide in the Silence and BE HAPPY!The book store facing the front door of the house . . . The book store facing the living area . . Main House backdoor . . .


The Guest House is comfortable, spacious and tranquil with a full kitchen and dining area. The cozy living room is perfect for viewing DVDs, studying, reading or just relaxing. We can easily accommodate fairly large groups of a dozen or more in the Guest House.

Guest House living area . . . Guest House kitchen . . . Guest House kitchen area. . . Guest House Dining Table . . . Guest House bedroom . . . Guest House bedroom . . .


Awareness Training Center (ATC) is a separate facility at the southernmost point of our campus. This facility is where the majority of our trainings take place. Surrounded by forest, the ATC provides a quiet, contemplative, nurturing environment in which to receive and fully experience the truth of who you really are.

Awareness Training Center . . . ATC kitchen . . . ATC bedroom . . .


Serenity Cottage is available for Personal, Silent and Seclusion Retreats to of all AHAM programs. A one-bedroom cottage with a small kitchen nestled in among the trees just off the meditation trail with easy access to the parking lot and the Dining Room.. The attached deck overlooks the forest and the trail leading down to Reflection Lake. Serenity Cottage is ideal for silent, seclusion and personal retreats. Learn more about AHAM personal retreats.

Serenity Cottage  . . . Serenity Cottage, very cozy  . . . Serenity Cottage inside . . .


Bunk House Bedrooms are located behind the barn. They are a treat to stay in with large glass sliding doors overlooking out over a covered deck and our pristine forest.

Serinity Cottage bedroom . . . Bunkhouse deck . . . Bunkhouse porch . . .


The Bungalow contains several bunk beds in a stand alone building, a short walk from the Main House.

Serenity Cottage view from the deck . . . The bungalow from the outside . . Inside the bungalow . . .

For questions about accommodations, availability and pricing please call the center (336) 381-3988 or email: outreach@aham.com

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