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AHAM Meditation Retreats

Retreats at AHAM all share the common purpose of creating an opportunity to dive deep into the truth of who you really are. Reserve a retreat that fits your particular needs. Our staff is happy to assist you in establishing a context for your retreat experience.

Who retreats at AHAM? . . .

Anyone . . . who holds the context of AHAM’s teaching.
Anyone . . . who has attended, at minimum, the weekend Awaken to Awareness Retreat program, may request retreat time at our center in North Carolina.

What Retreat Programs are available at AHAM? . . .

Personal Retreat – a time for quiet reflection, rest and rejuvenation. A personal retreat can be as short as one day or as long as ten days.  Guests may choose to have their meals with the Staff, in their room, or a combination, depending on the focus of their retreat. 

Silent Retreat – a time for quiet reflection, rest, and rejuvenation, with an emphasis on diving into the Self-Inquiry practice. A Silent Retreat is an opportunity for graduates of AHAM’s programs to be here at the Center, supported in the silence by the entire AHAM community.

Sacred Service/Silent Retreat – This retreat provides an opportunity to participate in Sacred Service for a day or more, offering time and talents to the Center, preceded or followed by a day or more of Silent Retreat.

Seclusion Retreat – the Seclusion Retreat offers an opportunity to be completely free of distractions and dive deeply into the stillness and silence that is the truth of who you are, knowing that there are no concerns, nowhere to go, nothing to be done.

Included in every retreat are three healthy and delicious vegetarian meals for the duration of your stay.

During all retreats at the center, personal space is graciously  respected. Each guest's wish for silence or for camaraderie is honored as they desire.

For questions about retreats, availability and pricing please call the center (336) 381-3988 or email :

Anna Scott



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