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AHAM Conscious Curriculum
Living Free!

The Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (I-SIT) is the core of AHAM’s Conscious Curriculum. Consistent use of Self-Inquiry is a simple and powerful practice that eventually will dissolve the ego’s veiling power and reveal the truth of our being in its fullness. At the request of many AHAM students over the years, the subsequent training programs in the Conscious Curriculum have been created for additional support in the practice of Self-Inquiry and the process of transformation. The Curriculum is designed so that the programs are taken in the order shown below so that each training springs from the insights realized in the previous program. 

The conscious process of Self-Inquiry is learned as a way to continue to steadily remain in the Truth, the Reality of the true Self, no matter what is happening in your life — good, or not so good.

Conscious Curriculum Primary Training Programs

AHAM is an international community of graduates who have Self-Inquiry as the base for their lives and support each other in doing the same. Within this community network, many have completed the Conscious Curriculum Primary Training Programs and now want to “give back” by becoming trained to assist students who are starting the AHAM curriculum. The “Giving-Back” training programs are designed to provide this training as well as to benefit the trainees, who deepen their spiritual experience by taking responsibility beyond their own practice.

For more information on each training program, please choose from the list below.

"Giving-Back" Training Programs

AHAM offers a unique follow-up continued practice homestudy program after each training. Read more about this under the section on Continued Practice.

AHAM’s Conscious Curriculum gives you a way to Live Free no matter what is happening in your life, based on a simple, easy, unique approach that aligns your spiritual and worldly affairs.

As A. Ramana, AHAM’s founder, has shared:
“Remember often to draw your attention back into Awareness Itself, and just imbibe of this quality of pure Awareness. As often as possible, watch your activities as though you are watching someone else doing them. It is like looking over your own shoulder. Watch the thoughts in your mind, as you stay quietly, silently, abiding in the prior Awareness, the feeling I AM — not ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’ but simply the pure feeling of I AM. This is Living Free!”

“Emptiness, or freedom from thought, is Happiness. Happiness is freedom from desire. Desire is suffering, yet when your desire is fulfilled there is a momentary sense of freedom from desire and the emptiness brings the feeling of happiness. We ignorantly attribute happiness to be from attaining the object, situation, or event that fulfills our desire, and not to this emptiness, or freedom from desire. It is the freedom from desire that gives happiness, not attaining the desired objects.

“AHAM is about living in freedom, which is freedom from desire and fear. It is about being present in and as Pure Awareness, the True Self, the nature of which is happiness. When body-mind identification ends all compulsive thought ends, leaving emptiness, which is filled with the fullness of Pure Awareness. This is true Peace, Freedom, and Joy – or Real Happiness.”

ISIT participants share their experience . . .