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Awaken to Awareness Retreat (ATA)

The Awaken to Awareness Retreat is an introductory weekend program of Self-Inquiry meditation experience and silent retreat, offered each month. Beginning Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday afternoon, the program is tailored to the specific needs of the participants, allowing the experience of resting in the core of our own being to be accessible to everyone. While not a prerequisite for the Intensive Self-Inquiry Training Retreat program, it is recommended for everyone who would like an experience of the training that AHAM provides.

With the processes you will learn, practice and fine-tune during this introductory program, you'll be able to experience inner stillness, not just during the program, but also in the thick of life itself.  Many participants say that the introductory training awakened within themselves the ability to be calm even when faced with formerly stressful situations.

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ATA participants share their experience and the benefits of completing the program . . .




For questions about retreats, availability and pricing please call the center (336) 381-3988 or email: