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AHAM's Awaken to Awareness Training Retreat (ATA) Graduates Share Their Experience



"I am experiencing calm and peacefulness. I am experiencing a letting go of empty expectations. I am experiencing the state of being enough — What I am experiencing now is the naturalness of working together with support and appreciation."
Brenda B – Greensboro NC



"Excellent instruction on the processes and time to reflect. Unexpected benefit of silence. Quiet peaceful retreat. Great Food!"
Elizabeth M - Greensboro, NC



"I realized the simplicity of the Teaching in a relaxed, retreat atmosphere. I can clearly see how the I AM Meditation and Centering process can be incorporated into anything"
Jenny G - Huntersville, NC



"Relaxation, openness, time-alone - incredible experience while meditating - I actually got time to be with my Self - to rediscover who I am beyond my normal limited life. I have a deeper knowing of who I am and a tool to use when I am feeling reactive. Thank you so much for everything! I was very touched by the warmth and caring of everyone I met".
Susan O - Roanoke, VA



"I now understand the importance of daily meditation and practice of Self-Inquiry in regard to living from the heart."
Michele B - Greensboro, NC



"I really liked the I AM Process. It is simple and can be effective if the mind is too busy. I enjoyed my time here and found everyone to be very loving. This was really wonderful!"
Haiyan K - New Orleans, LA



"I have a better understanding of Sri Ramana's teaching of Self-Inquiry and how to put it into practice."
Gene D - Columbus, OH



"Time and space to rest in the awareness. Practice using the meditation tool - felt a knowing level and freedom from the usual distractions, a single-mindedness, a clarity - I feel like I am back on track."
Sandra T - Winston-Salem, NC



"I feel good. I am happy. My mind is quiet and calm, my worries are gone. The people around me here are so nice and caring, maybe that is the reason I feel like home. Thanks for everything! I will miss AHAM."
Surnathy - Ellicot City, MD



"I am feeling gratitude for the retreat. I appreciate the trainer's teaching and energy. I am relaxed and happy. I feel blessed. I loved the early morning meditation."
Frederick W - Stokesdale, NC


"This is a very direct method and I love the LOVE I feel here. Being here is so HEALTHY for my SELF. I am going home with great ideas for how to be more. My gratitude is boundless for you all."
Lucy S - Winston-Salem, NC


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