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AHAM's Program Graduates Share Their Experience



"I feel that I have finally made it home! I was actually able to rest in the "I AM" and feel that I truly understood what it meant. I know that I will be able to overcome many of the obstacles now that have plagued me for a very long time."
Carla S - Roanoke, VA



"I feel more at peace and have a better sense of how to cope with day-to-day living. I feel more relaxed, aware of I AM."
Lakecia B - Greensboro, NC



"I am experiencing a deeper sense of freedom and peace. I really got what Awareness is and how to use Self-Inquiry to stay in the Awareness."
Rob K - Middleton, ID

"I was introduced to AHAM only one and a half short years ago. It was only one year ago in June that I took an AHAM program: Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (ISIT). The way AHAM has affected me goes beyond time and words. So, several weeks ago when Vivian suggested I do Sacred Service [offer assistance at the AHAM Center], I said yes. I had volunteered once before for a short period as a way to express ‘thank you.’ This time it was for a little longer period. I arrived at the Center with full intention of giving back just a bit of what was received. During the weekend an unknown life-long held burden was revealed and healed! That plus much, much more was showered on me. I received love, more healing, and wonderful, peaceful energy plus being in Conscious Company. All these and so much more. Will I accept the privilege of serving again? You know it! Gladly, happily and hungry for the honor. Thank you. Love and Namaste."
Peggy S - Roanoke, VA




"I am truly experiencing the Oneness that comes from choosing to come from this natural place of and as the Heart! It is a natural way of being a conscious friend."
Carmen S - Nashville, TN



"There is an experience of the Heart opening and the readiness to be vulnerable and courageous, welcoming every interaction, situation, and relationship as an opportunity to transform."
Cheryl L - Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada



"I am feeling a surrender into the Heart ... An acknowledgement that I [as ego] can’t fix or heal anything from this body-mind, and that only the Heart can heal and wants to ... And that the Heart is who I Am."
Annette D - Gainesville, FLA



"Wow! What wonderful staff, trainers and volunteers. I feel calm and peaceful."
Rich S - St. Cloud, MN



"I am experiencing a Oneness in which all is a reflection of Self; there is a completion that there is no other."
Cindy P - Roanoke, VA

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