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Sunday Evening Wake-Up

Join us in the privacy of your own home for your
Free Guided Self-Inquiry Meditation online or by phone
Every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM sharp (EST)

How to Connect to Sunday Gatherings Using Zoom by Phone or Computer

Experience a Self-Inquiry based Guided Meditation in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These calls are conducted by AHAM facilitators who are also experienced Buddies and Sponsors

Please join 5-10 minutes early, in order to be welcomed by the facilitator and remain for the entire one hour call. Be sure to create a quiet, uninterrupted space to receive the full experience of the program, and please keep the room you are in free of background sounds. Also, choose a time when you can stay on the line for the entire period. We invite you to participate as often as you wish to.

After the meditation, participants can share their experience of the meditation and ask questions. Since several facilitators rotate responsibility for conducting these gatherings, each week has a slightly different flavor, depending on the facilitator and the participants.  Sunday Evening Wake-Up gatherings attract those new to Self-Inquiry or meditation as well as AHAM graduates, bringing both stillness and fresh perspectives to the gatherings.

You will discover that while working with these processes in your daily life, you can complete those areas that are pulling on your attention, and creating all sorts of unwanted, upsetting and limiting thoughts. This is all that prevents you from experiencing a full measure of ongoing happiness, peace, fulfillment, freedom and success in your life.

AHAM would also like to invite you to our Sunday Morning Interlude with AHAM every Sunday morning online or by phone. Follow this link for more information...

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