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Continued Practice of Self Inquiry

A Unique Support Program is offered at the completion of each Training.

Once a student has completed one of the programs in AHAM’s Conscious Curriculum, they are eligible for "continued practice." Continued Practice has been created to support each student as they apply what they have experienced in the program into their life situations

Program graduates receive a "Home Study" course with its own manual. The manual consists of daily checklists for meditations times, spiritual readings and listening CD's. There are also weekly groups calls with your fellow program participants and your own buddy. This practice is very beneficial for strengthening your "attention muscle" and developing the discipline to continue remembering to use Self-Inquiry throughout your daily life.

With trained Buddies and Sponsors available to facilitate this process for each student, the process of giving and receiving becomes an important aspect of the Conscious Transformational Process itself.

Learn more about our Buddies and Sponsors . . .


Self-Inquiry Experience
Self-Inquiry Experience Lotus
The ultimate process for merging completely into the natural state - into the presence of NOW.


The Practice of Generosity
generosity and dana