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AHAM's Self Inquiry Meditation Trainers


"True instruction means “drawing out” what is already hidden within the student. The word “educate” is from the Latin root educare, which means to uncover or reveal what is already present, or contained within oneself."

— A. Ramana


AHAM’s Self Inquiry Meditation Training, and its trainers, do not “give” you anything you don't already have; they assist you in discovering the truth of who you already are. You already have all that you need, abiding within you.

The trainers facilitate the AHAM Programs from their own “living of the teaching” itself.  And, from this conscious perspective, the trainer conducts/facilitates the experiential processes, which reveal your own hidden potential that brings forth what already lies within you. They then “teach,” or train you in the practical application of these Conscious processes to take with you and apply them in your own daily life and affairs.

Read more information on AHAM’s current Trainers, Stan Davis and Linda Swanson.

A Special Interview with A. Ramana at AHAM’s India Center
A Special Interview with A. Ramana at AHAM’s India Center


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