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AHAM's Self Inquiry Trainers

Linda Swanson

lindaI discovered AHAM in 1996 while living in the Washington, DC area.  I was so thrilled with being able to touch in on Being-ness itself by using Self Inquiry that I took each successive program in the curriculum as fast as Elizabeth (Elizabeth MacDonald, then Senior Trainer) and Ramana would let me.  By 1999, I’d bought the house next door to the AHAM Center in NC to live closer to the Center and to open a place where AHAM families could introduce their children to Self Inquiry and learn how to be more conscious parents.  Beginning with the Family Network program in 2001, I became more involved with training.  After several years of Trainer’s Training under Elizabeth and Ramana, I started serving as a Trainer for the adult programs in 2005.  For me, constantly taking responsibility to clear the smallest “glitch” allows the Teaching to come through freely.  In each training, it feels like a privilege to be part of it.



Stan Davis

StanI’ve had the privilege of serving as an AHAM trainer since 1993. And, it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. To be able to give in this way is a true blessing. 

I now serve as AHAM’s Spiritual Director and Executive Director as well as a certified meditation instructor and trainer for AHAM.

Since 1988, I have devoted my entire life and work to AHAM and fulfilling its purpose and mission.