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Neutralizing Your Negative Past (NNP)

Part II of the two-part Self-Inquiry Series, Neutralizing Your Negative Past continues the process of discovering what it truly means to abide in the Truth of who you really are, free of limiting patterns from the past.

In this program, we learn how to neutralize the effect of all the conditioned mind-patterns and tendencies that are still pulling our attention away from the Source and apparently blocking our ability to fully abide in the peace that is our true Self-nature.
In this five-day training, the potent mixture of instruction, practice, and fine-tuning, combined with the Trainer-guided home study period that follows, strengthens one’s ability to use Self-Inquiry to live always from the ”freshness of Now” in each and every moment, free of mental conditioning and limitation. In NNP we use the Conscious Forgiveness process along with Self-Inquiry to neutralize the persistent pull of mental conditioning. We first identify and tell the truth about what it is that is pulling our attention away from the Self (Pure Being); that is, all of the conditioned tendencies, which consists of mental patterns, emotions, memories, and events. We then have the opportunity to neutralize the effect of the conditioning that pulls our attention away from the stillness at the core of our being. 

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NNP participants share their experience and the benefits of completing the program . . .