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AHAM Community

The world-wide AHAM community, knitted together by the commitment to live from the base of Self Inquiry in their daily lives, is truly the strength of AHAM. Our sharing on weekly community calls about how specific aspects of the teaching are being lived in our daily lives provides the communication necessary to maintain such a large community. 

Within this larger community is a group of wonderful, dedicated people who volunteer to serve AHAM’s mission. These volunteers are working together to support new students and to care for the grounds and buildings at both the USA and India Centers. They have created a strong core for the community in their selfless service. The joyousness of serving and being in community with people who are also dedicated to living from the teaching has created strong friendships that span the globe.


Join us at the AHAM Center in Asheboro Sunday Mornings for fellowship, meditation and the Interlude call, then stay for laughter, love and a delicious pot-luck lunch. Read more and see photos . . .



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