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Sunday Morning Interlude

Sunday mornings are a special time here at AHAM. Many people in the local community arrive in the morning for meditation and our Sunday morning Interlude Call (roll call begins at 10am ET). People from all over the world participate in this call as an expression of AHAM's conscious community and the support we share.

Following the call there's time for a walk by the lake, watching a DVD of A. Ramana or fellowship. On the first Sunday of each month, you are invited to join us for our Celebration of Community vegetarian potluck meal at 12:30pm.  Your offering is appreciated but not necessary to attend.  Being together for the Interlude and potluck allows a time for sharing that is supportive and enjoyable for newcomers and all members of the AHAM community.  Since all of our trainings end on a Sunday it is also a great time to welcome new AHAM graduates into our community and let them experience the support and good fellowship we enjoy here.

If you know you will be attending the potluck, please let us know a day before the Sunday potluck if possible.

We invite you to sign up for the free
"Daily Message for Transforming Your Mind".

To call in via Teleconference for the Sunday Morning Interlude Call:

Phone (267) 507-0420, Access code:482 3766#
Call begins at 10am (ET). Please call in 5-10 minutes early.


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