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AHAM Association In Consciousness (AIC)

Everyone who has completed the Intensive Self Inquiry Training (I SIT) is welcomed into the Association in Consciousness (AIC) family. Those in AIC commit to setting aside their worldly life one evening a week, acknowledging that their spiritual life is truly at the core of their everyday life. AHAM graduates who all live in the same area can form an AIC meditation group to provide local-area support for practicing Self-Inquiry and simply abiding in the Heart of Being. Those graduates who do not have anyone else in their city or town who is an AHAM graduate are not left out. Everyone, whether as a group or individual, can be with the whole community by means of the Tuesday evening AIC conference calls. Led by a trained facilitator, these calls are opportunities to meditate together and to share the ways in which we are living from the basis of Self Inquiry day to day.



Experience Self-Inquiry as shared by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.Bhagavan Sr Ramana Maharshi


Sacred Mountain of South India.arunachala book cover