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AHAM's Prison Ministry

AHAM's Prison Ministry began in June, 1998 when prison and jail inmates began writing letters to AHAM requesting information about Self-Inquiry, and/or “anything spiritual.”
AHAM currently averages about five-hundred inmate contacts per year.  When an inmate requests information about meditation, Self-Inquiry, or anything with which he/she might achieve more tranquility or balance, then AHAM sends them a “kit” comprising the booklet, “Living Free While Incarcerated,” an AHAM bookmark, and an article by A. Ramana.
If an inmate’s request is vague and/or off-topic, the inmate receives a postcard explaining that AHAM’s materials deal solely with disseminating the teachings of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.
The Prison Ministry is not a pen pal service; however, if an inmate contacts AHAM after receiving the materials, and indicates a desire to plumb the words of The Maharshi, then occasional correspondence between the inmate and AHAM may occur.  Generally these do exceed three or four exchanges per year.  The majority of these letters are heartfelt and reveal that the inmate has significantly benefited from his or her practice of Self-Inquiry.
The AHAM Prison Ministry is facilitated by two part-time, local AHAM volunteers.  Any donation you care to make to AHAM helps to support this Prison Ministry which is provided at no cost to the inmates.


Read Prison Ministry "Thank You" letters
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Freeing Yourself From the Prison of Your Mind
By A. Ramana