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There Is Neither I, Nor Other Than I, There Is Only...
(With Meditation CD)
By A. Ramana

Revised edition

The purpose of this book is to awaken from this dream of mortality (birth-death), that is, the illusion of the body-mind and world as being the basis of reality, which is the single cause of all suffering; to realize the truth of the One Reality without a second, ever-present as the Heart of Being, and remain in and as the Absolute, pure Universal Awareness.

This means recognizing and ceasing the perpetual meditation of a separate-self identity, or ego – the false notion of individuality and self-conceit of being a separate “entity” or believed “person” living in time and space, habitually misidentified with the body-mind as being the Self. It is realizing Self as simple, pure, non-dual, Universal Awareness – the faceless, formless expression of pure Being living always, already in this eternal now, this one infinite presence – the nature of which is contentment, or peace, freedom, love and joy.

Paperback – 258 pages – $24.95; Canadian $27.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


You Already Are, What You Seek
By A. Ramana

This booklet is the transcription of a purposeful dialogue during a “Sat Sanga with Ramana” attended by students and guest participants, held at Arunachala Ramana AHAM Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, India on January 10, 2006. (Sat Sanga means abiding in Pure Consciousness, or the True Self, or in the company of a Self-Realized Being). The talk deals with a not uncommon question raised by a guest who was attending for the first time. It is designed to get the reader in touch with the clever strategy of the mind to keep one seeking peace and contentment, and failing to realize the natural state of pure Being – that is always, already present as pure Peace and Contentment.

Paperback – 41 pages – $4.95; Canadian $5.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


The Handbook To Perpetual Happiness
By A. Ramana

Are you tired of “book hopping” from one self-help book to another, only to find something not covered that requires searching for yet another book, and then another? Well, “book hop” no more, The Handbook To Perpetual Happiness has it all! This is a Self-help book that lives up to its purpose: getting in touch with the true Self you really are – the one that needs no “help” - not the self you think you are.

This book has been read by multitudes of people; it is used as the training manual for AHAM’s “Creative Living Workshop.” For the one earnestly reading it, it becomes a personal “self-encounter” reaching you at the very core of your being, and awakening you to the true Self.

There is nothing that is left out of this transformational masterpiece. Actually, it is not about finding happiness “in the world,” but rather an opportunity to directly experience your own happiness from within the core of your own being. As each purposeful word draws you inward, it allows you to recognize and release the misconception that happiness is found “out there” in the world—in people, places, things and events. This book offers every tool you need for living happily, efficiently and effectively in the world, and not being at the effect of the world.

Don’t let these valuable tools lie around as useless concepts. They are like tools needed to plant and cultivate seeds that eventually result in bountiful crops or majestic gardens filled with life. The more they are used, the more you will flourish, living life from the Self you truly are. The Handbook To Perpetual Happiness is complete in itself. However, the words contained in the book need you to give them credence, to give them life. Otherwise, they are just words. So, don’t let them go to waste! Would you plant seeds in your garden without watering them?

This book is practical, psychological, and spiritual, all wrapped into one easy to read book, with step by step instructions as needed and applicable. So, instead of spending money, time and energy on relentless “book hopping,” invest in The Handbook To Perpetual Happiness... It’s truly a book to keep on hand, and in hand!

Hardcover - 446 pages - $24.95; Canadian $27.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


book cover

Consciousness Being Itself
By A. Ramana

This book covers topics dealing with how one goes about locating and choosing Real Happiness-NOW; living free in this Location of Happiness; the importance of hearing the argument of Truth; creating a context for something to happen; and honoring and respecting one another, just to mention a few.

The author, A. Ramana, an American born Enlightened teacher, addresses Advaita Vedanta (non-dual knowledge) and the process of Self-Inquiry in a manner and form that makes the topics understandable and compelling to the Western mind.

The text is taken from edited transcripts of discussions between Ramana and AHAM students. These discussions are entertaining as well as educational and insightful. They bring the reader into a deeper understanding of the real purpose and goal of life, and provide a method and means to “reach” or “attain” that goal.

At the end of the book, there is a more detailed explanation of terms used in the book, as well as an explanation of the various programs that the students, discussing the issues with Ramana, may have attended.

Hard cover - 287 pages - $16.95; Canadian $18.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


Living Free
By A. Ramana

Living Free, published by AHAM Publications, is a companion book to the booklet Living Free While Incarcerated, which is distributed to prison inmates throughout the world without charge. (See Prison Ministry) The primary purpose of Living Free is to provide everyone with some basic information on AHAM's Teaching and its practical use in all areas of one's life. Living Free is a compilation of practical questions presented to Ramana during Sat Sanga (association with someone who is already Self-realized). Included in the book are the "Seven Basic Truths" of how our world is actually created in our own consciousness and "Seven Steps to Completion, given in AHAM's Teaching, which, when used correctly, will free you from both major and minor upsets and problems in your life. This is a book that can be read over and over again.

58 Pages - Soft cover - $4.95; Canadian $5.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


Freeing Yourself From the Prison of Your Mind
By A. Ramana

This book, which follows Ramana’s earlier book Living Free While Incarcerated, provides a wide and deep level of understanding of how Self-Inquiry, before long, allows one to transcend their addiction to the conditioned, habitual thoughts arising in the ego, or body-mind, that normally keep one locked up as a “prisoner of the mind.”

Paperback – 60 pages – $4.95; Canadian $5.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


Radical Realization and Frequently Used AHAM Terms
By A. Ramana

The original intention for writing this book was the need for a glossary of AHAM terms for students of AHAM’s programs. However, it was soon broadened and expanded to include radical realizations and explanations of spiritual terms beneficial to anyone in the quest for enlightenment. It started with a fervent request by Elizabeth MacDonald, AHAM’s executive director and senior trainer, and several others asking Ramana for a clarification of terms he often uses in talks, and for understanding certain spiritual terms found in the writings of other conscious teachers.

The result is this small lexicon containing both far-reaching insights into the deeper meaning of certain common or frequently used spiritual terms, as well as the terms and phrases often used by Ramana, and sometimes by AHAM trainers while presenting AHAM’s conscious curriculum and programs.

Along with definitions of AHAM terms, you will find explanations of some Sanskrit and other foreign words and terms, however this is not a major feature of the book or its content.

Much of the book’s contents can be found on this site in the section Inspiration, sub-section AHAM Glossary.

The book itself is designed for easy, handy accessibility in casual reading. It is also a convenient reference book when reading Ramana’s other books, and gaining insight and deeper understanding when studying AHAM’s teaching, as well as that of other conscious teachers.

Soft cover – 121 Pages – $8.50; Canadian $9.95

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


What’s Happening?
By A. Ramana

This is a magnificent one-year daily-diary and personal journal that can be started anytime. At the bottom of each day’s page, is a quotation by either A. Ramana – from books by him or his recorded words that have been transcribed – or a quotation by Sri Bhagavan .

The quotations themselves makes this a worthwhile book for any seeker of Truth.

Hardcover - $9.95; Canadian $11.50

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S. please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)


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