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This is a growing and dynamic part of our site. We have an extensive archive of material from AHAM's Founder Arunachala Ramana. There is currently an A. Ramana Archive Project under the care of many volunteers and staff to preserve, organize and present all of A. Ramana's life work "the promotion and dissemination of the pure teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi."

Please check back often as new material becomes available.
If you would like to suggest new material for the archive section please send an email to


A. Ramana's writings

Realization - The Sum and Substance by A. Ramana

AHAM's Seven Basic Truths™ by A. Ramana

Glossary of Terms by A. Ramana


Inspirational quotes from A. Ramana that were excerpted from his most recent books available for purchase from our Bookstore:

“Consciousness Being Itself”
Transcribed talks given in Sat Sanga with Ramana

“The Handbook to Perpetual Happiness”
Ramana writing about principles and processes he learned and taught over the years on “How to live effectively or successfully in the world, but not of the world.”

“There is Neither ‘I’, or Other Than ‘I’, There Is Only…”
Ramana writing on “Transforming your awareness of who you really are.”


See a Special Interview with A. Ramana at AHAM’s India Center
A. Ramana


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