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Jesus’ Role in AHAM’s Teaching

The purpose of AHAM is, “To preserve, provide and disseminate Self-Inquiry, the conscious transformational process for the realization and abidance in the True Self…  I AM.”

Jesus’ testimony throughout the New Testament is the revelation that the I AM is Lord, Source, Father or Cause of all.  Jesus did not mean that his personal “I” was the exclusive Lord. When Jesus said, “I am,” he knew that the very I AM, which was his Source, was the one Source and Cause of all beings.

Jesus stated this Truth continuously, as I AM (is) the truth; I AM (is) the way; I AM (is) the door; I AM (is) the resurrection; I AM (is) the life; I AM (is) the beginning and the end (the alpha and omega). Jesus’ I AM is the one I AM that I AM. It is not different than the realization experienced by Moses: “I AM THAT I AM.”  There is only one I AM.  One God.  God is I AM. This is recorded in Exodus 3:14-15.  It means that man’s own unconditioned, unqualified consciousness, pure Awareness or Being is I AM; it is the One Source of all being, this Source is also called God. This uncaused, unqualified, unconditioned consciousness is eternal, Being without beginning or end.  It is the One Truth.  It is the One Cause of all that we are conscious of being.  It is the door through which everyone and everything enters our lives and leaves our lives.  Full withdrawal of attention into this consciousness in the Heart or as the Heart – once and for all – is the only way to liberation or salvation.  (“I AM the door, I AM the way”)  It is true resurrection.

Jesus’ resurrection represents the resurrection of the ego or body-mind to the Transcendent Being and Reality of the Supreme Self, or pure Christ Consciousness, which is our (everyone’s) natural state. (“I AM the resurrection and the life.”)

When we say, “I am” we are speaking of ourselves, yet it actually is the One Self, the Source, shining in us, as us.  However, we must realize it.  Like the color-blind man in a flower garden saying he sees the full beauty of the flowers, we ordinarily do not realize what we are saying when we say, “I am.”  Jesus fully realized what “I am” meant.  Jesus is like the person with full color-vision trying to describe the beauty of the flowers to a color-blind humanity.  Jesus says, “I am” and sees. We look and say, “yes, I am,” and we don’t see.  But we can see.  Remove the veils from your spiritual eyes and the one I AM is your I am, and that is God.


Jesus was not the only person who could say, “I am.” We all say, “I am.” Yet do we see or know the significance of what we are saying? Do we have clear vision and insight into the True and Real meaning of our statement? Do we really know who we are, what we are? Jesus knew. Others have also known. Their knowing is recorded and their record is “the word of God,” which we call the Bibles and other sacred writings of the world.

AHAM's mission is introducing to the world the Good News, or the simple conscious message that, “It's really not necessary to suffer.”  Meaning, it's not necessary to live at the effect of this world - i.e., the negative events in the world, or the thoughts and emotions that take place in the mind in reaction to the events occurring to you, or around you in the world.

Jesus specifically indicated, "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21) and to "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33).  It is not recorded anywhere in the Bible where he actually instructed or informed his disciples, or anyone else, of any method or way for them or any of us to bring about awakening to or directly realizing this fact.

It was not until two thousand years later that Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, a Sage or God-Realized Being of the same stature of Jesus, came to earth and shared Self-Inquiry with the world. And He pointed out that it is the one direct and immediate way and means of realizing and experiencing Real God, the One Reality, the Source of being.  He, too, informed us that God dwells within us, as us, and in the Heart of all beings. And, what's more, those who will simply make the effort to remain steady in the Conscious Process of Self-Inquiry can easily realize this Supreme Truth.

We have been blessed with a Teaching that includes and embraces all faiths, religions and “paths,” awakening all who are interested, into this Supreme Reality and Truth.


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