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Sat Sanga Weekends

AHAM offers a unique opportunity for program graduates to come together in meditation and silence during our Sat Sanga Weekends. Sat Sanga is a Sanskrit word meaning "keeping conscious company". This is a great time for people to enjoy the conscious energy and vibrations of AHAM together. In addition to meditation this is a time for quiet reflection and rest while working together to focus our attention on who we really are, which frees us from the limiting patterns of the conditioned mind.


Sat Sanga Weekend
Choose an image below to watch a slide show of past Sat Sanga Weekend. Sharing the teaching of Ramana Maharshi and Self-Inquiry. This weekend is spent in meditation and silence with a healthy amount of good food and fellowship.


For questions about retreats, availability and pricing please call the center (336) 381-3988 or email: