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AHAM – Whose Idea Is It?
By Elizabeth MacDonald



[This article is taken from an issue of AHAM’s Heart to Heart, a monthly email publication]

In our Heart to Heart, we have been featuring articles by Ramana explaining how to create a context, or the art and science of “causing an idea’s time to come.”  I have received a number of calls and other reports about these articles being “cliff hangers” each month, as we all waited for the next issue to come out containing the next installment so as to get the next phase in this creative process.  Each phase of this process is important to “get,” or to thoroughly understand, so that the final phase, which is contained in this newsletter, can be fully experienced for what it truly is... Happiness for all Mankind… it is “An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”

What does Ramana mean when he says, “the responsibility of creating a context is in our hands”?  And, how can I take whole responsibility for a context of happiness for all mankind?  This may seem totally unreasonable to some, I’m sure.  You may be thinking in the terms that the only way that you can do that is to pack up all of your things and move to Asheboro, N. C. the home of AHAM, and give “hands on” effort solely to this project.  If that is what your head and heart are saying to you, I certainly would not try to stop you, for I know the joy and ease that has accompanied serving and living in AHAM’s Conscious Community since 1978.  But, that is not what Ramana means.  What he means in this instance is how this context of “Happiness for All Mankind” can happen right where you are, wherever that might be.  It is, or must be, your context, and then everything you do is an expression of that context.

The day that this context first awakened in me was just shortly after I met Ramana.  I had met him at a spiritual retreat, and discovered or felt emanating from him a unique Heart-felt quality while in his presence, and also a strong familiarity even though I had only met him.  A few days after the retreat, he invited me to his home for meditation.  When I was visiting him one day, there appeared to be a “brightness” about him.  He was very quiet for some time and I waited like someone waiting for a special gift; one that I knew, intuitively, was something I had wanted for a long time.  When he spoke, his words were few but very much to the point.  “How does this idea feel to you: An Association of Happiness for All Mankind - A.H.A.M.?”  No words could express the feeling that came up in me that matched the idea perfectly.  I felt the whole world in me, as me, and Happiness, Love, Fulfillment, Completion, was felt for all of us and “us” was “I.”  It was an immediate response, and not something that was thought about.  The idea brought up what I had been feeling in the depths of my being, yet it had not been given attention to.  It was like it was lost under the layers of time, disappointments, hurts, fears, limitations, etc., etc.  Ramana’s idea was now my idea.  It was whole and complete in me.  It was an “idea whose time had come” for me.  From that moment on my whole life has been directed or influenced by that idea.  After that, everything I did was coming from the premise that true Happiness and Fulfillment is already an idea whose time has come  – for me, and for everyone!

After a number of years, a lot of radical changes have occurred in my life.  The layers of disappointments, hurts, fears, and limitations have been burning away in the presence and process of this idea, this solid context in my life.  I am not alone with this “whole” responsibility.  There are now many hundreds more who have also heard, seen and experienced this idea as their own.  For all of us, our lives are being transformed!

We invite you to look, see and know for yourself if this idea is one for you to take as your own… the idea being “we are already Complete, Happy, Fulfilled and Whole just as we are” and also honoring all as this Truth.  If so, then align with this here and now. 

As each accepts himself/herself as a “whole,” and all are aligned as “wholes” together in a spirit of harmony and truth, for the same definite purpose, we truly don’t know how this total picture will turn out.  It sure has been a fun adventure seeing it unfold thus far. 

It is truly a Conscious Miracle!  - one that will live eternally in the heart of all of those who are participating, and even in the heart of those yet to join us. 

It is what’s so, and it is already done! 

We now abide in the Peace, Joy and Contentment of this Completion!


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