AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Racket - As in "running your racket," or "doing your same old number." It's the contrived behavior pattern that you have long thought got you what you wanted, before you noticed that it doesn't work; it is your old, automatic, outworn and probably now useless conditioned mind-patterns. (See: "Doing your same old number"). [LMT]

Radical - is that which relates to or noticeably affects the basic nature or most important features of something. It is far-reaching, searching or thoroughgoing.

In AHAM, it also means departing markedly from the usual; extreme - e.g. Realizing the radical Truth, which indicates fundamental, significant, even sweeping changes in one's consciousness from the norm, which usually is unconscious, to being present, very conscious and alert to what's so and taking place in the moment.

Rajas (See: Gunas) - In Vedanta, this is one of the three primal qualities of Prakriti - described as the color red, the principle of activity; energy; passion; restlessness

Real — that which is real is always as it is, it never changes. It is consistent. It is dependable. It never varies, fluctuates or diminishes, it never increases or decreases. It cannot be added to or subtracted from. In this sense, it is the same as truth, it being what is true.

reality (with a small "r") - In the ordinary world, which is more often based on the Mind, a usual or common test for reality is its physicalness; that is, it has dimension, form and existence in time and space.

The substance of what we call "reality" is nothing but agreement. However, once that is established, AHAM then points out that what we usually consider as reality, being based on the five physical senses, and the interpretation of their input by the mind, is in fact illusion; the only thing that is actually real is Experience, itself. [LMT]

Reality (with a capital "R") - is not determined by input from the five senses as commonly believed, but is That which never changes. It is That which is, as it actually is, not as it appears to be. It is That which is always real; it never changes, nor is it susceptible to change. It is the Supreme Truth which, when realized, discloses that the One Universal Self is all that is, and is Itself the only Reality.

Realization - True realization, in a deep spiritual sense, is that which makes the thing realized more real, dynamic, intimately present and experienced in one's consciousness. In the full sense of the word, "realization" or to "realize" (as a verb) is to make real to one's self and in one's self the true nature of the thing realized.

"Realization - the Sum and Substance" - Everyone is aware of two things, namely, himself the seer and the world which he sees; and he assumes that these are both real. But, according to the Sages, that alone is real which has a consistent existence.

Judged by this test of reality, the two - the seer and his spectacle, the seen - are both unreal. These two appear intermittently. They are apparent only in the waking and dream states; in the state of deep sleep, they cease to appear. That is, they appear when the mind is active, and disappear as soon as the mind ceases to function.

Therefore, these two are but thoughts in the mind. There must be something from which the mind rises, and into which it subsides. That Something must have a continuous, uninterrupted existence. That is, It must be the Reality.

Can there be a sense of existence without something that exists, or that is Real? Is one's Consciousness a thing other than That? Since that Reality dwells thought-free in the Heart, can it - itself named the Heart - even be considered or meditated on? Who is there different or distinct from it to consider it or meditate on it… this Self whose nature is Reality, or Existence-Consciousness?

KNOW THIS: to be at one with That, in the Heart, as the Heart, is itself to consider it or meditate on it; for it is all. This Self dwells in the Heart of all creatures as one's own Self, like a silent witness without thoughts, unrelated to anything.

But, this One is concealed during the outward-turned state of the mind by the false appearance of the world and the seer, which are both manifestations of the mind.

This One Reality, named the Divine Self, or Heart of the Absolute - which always is, being without a second and complete in Itself - is the giver of existence to the whole world. It also gives its One Light of Consciousness to the whole mind, which in itself lacks consciousness. Simply see and know this. This is the true Self. It is always, already realized; there is no other. [Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's own commentary on Reality, in his prelude to the opening verses of Ulladu Narpadu ("Reality in Forty Verses") with additional random verses of commentary by him].

Realize - means to make real in your own experience.

Realize the Truth - is to realize the true nature of the Self; i.e., to spiritually Awaken as the real Self. It is to "get it" that you are not the body or mind, not a separate individual apart and different from God, but rather in fact are the one infinite and eternal Being, or Existence-Consciousness. To realize this is spiritual Enlightenment.

Reason - is all the stuff we use to rationalize and justify why we do things, which in fact actually keeps us from feeling alive. We are always looking for "a reason," always trying to make life reasonable, or give the appearance of being reasonable. You constantly hear it said, "The 'reason' this or that happened is…" then one proceeds to give or explain the so-called "reason." But, in Truth, life is not reasonable. Life is unreasonable, even illogical and/or arbitrary. [LMT] (See, Cause and Effect)

Reasonable - means being sensible, rational; it is what's acceptable according to common sense; it's not expecting or demanding more from a thing than is possible or achievable; it's not excessive.

We always try to make life and all things in life - i.e., all persons, situations or events happening in the world - conform to our mind's personal ideas or beliefs about them, to our concept of what we think it means, or believe is happening at any given moment, or to our opinion or conviction about it.

This is the mind's need, in fact, its compulsion - to be "right." The mind has to be right in order to survive, or save face. "Saving face" and being right to the mind is in fact its survival. Otherwise, it would cease to exist.

Rebirth (Reincarnation or re-embodiment) - In the argument of Charles Darwin and others, and the concept of the evolution of the species, if the theory of evolution is a physical fact as traditional science believes it is, then there also stands as an underlying spiritually fact: this evolution is occurring in the consciousness of the observer. This is or must be the truth also. Just who is seeing or experiencing the individual that evolves and grows into a more improved, better-developed and perfected consciousness and/or physical specimen? This obviously cannot be accomplished in the course of only one brief human life experience.

So, if there actually is evolution of the conscious individual, as both science and common sense indicates there is, and if no other proof than the large number of child geniuses and prodigies, then there must in fact be rebirth or reincarnation. To add to this are the number of people who recall their former lifetimes or embodiments.

Realization discloses (according to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and most other Sages), that the Self is actually one, or is not-two; that in fact there is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be an individual being. In fact, embodiment itself is only an illusion, and is not even real or true now. The true Self was never born, and thus will never die - how can that which is not born die? Enlightenment reveals this world is an illusion occurring in consciousness, just like a sleeper's dream. It does not have solid objective reality independent of our consciousness of it.

So the paradox is, that rebirth or reincarnation is a fact, but it is not the Truth. Embodiment appears to be occurring in consciousness or the mind, just like dream experiences. Dream characters appear as people or facts to be dealt with only while in the dream state; on awakening from the dream they are seen to be the illusion that they in fact are, and are not actually real in truth. The same is true when one Awakens to the Self. It is realized that the body and mind are not the Self, and that in truth one is not embodied even now in the world, but is the infinite and eternal Self, which is bodiless.

This means then that the evolution of the physical body occurs in Consciousness as the mind evolves, and is projected as such, with every apparent episode of Consciousness appearing in manifestation; truthfully is all really just a dream.

Re-Cognizing - is knowing again, or originally knowing, as "Knowing the truth as it actually is." It is apperceiving, or seeing totally or completely.

Religion - People's historical or cultural beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life. It is often with strongly held emotions and feelings, even bordering on or including narrow-mindedness, intolerance and bigotry.

Renunciation - As in "renouncing worldly possessions." In AHAM, the highest meaning and expression of renunciation is renouncing Thoughts, it is not giving up the material things in the world. It also means renouncing one's attachment to things, not the things themselves.

In AHAM, you learn how to "live in the world but not of the world," which means having the best of both worlds, the spiritual and the physical. But, in truth, from the point of view of the Self they are actually not different, or not in conflict with one another. They only seem to be from the view of the Ego, or Body-Mind.

Reseeding desires - What usually happens when you successfully fulfill a desire, especially a longstanding desire, is you then quickly replace it with another bigger, better or more appealing desire for something else - something more, better, or different. One must learn how to fulfill one's desires consciously, without them escalating or automatically being reseeded by the ordinary compulsion for "more." This is a major feature in AHAM's life transforming programs.

Resistance - is a common reaction almost everyone has in making significant changes in one's life. People's lives would already be much easier and far better, if it were not for the resistance the mind brings up to the changes that are necessary, changes that in many cases are even seen and agreed to by the person himself. However, at these times, the way the mind works, is by working against itself. It will not allow you to make the necessary changes. When you try to use will power to force any kind of a change in a situation, the mind only appears to work to change the situation, or appears to increase its force in the direction of the intended change.

But this is only an appearance, and it obviously does not work. The reason? The mind, at a much deeper level, always works to maintain the status quo, or to keep things the way they already, presently are. This is why in AHAM we say, "What you resist persists."

Resistance and Dealing With it - The easiest, most direct and immediate way to deal with the mind and its resistance to change is to use another Higher Power that is always, already present within you. This is your own Power Of Awareness, which is very often unrecognized and therefore not even believed in; thus, it usually remains unknown. Your power of awareness works naturally with the Law Of Assumption. When correctly applied in the proper context, it works effectively to bring about natural change in your life. This means, you must first fully accept what's so, i.e., what's now occurring in your space, just as it is. Then you may choose, in its place, what is preferable. This is effectively taught, and easily understood how to accomplish it, in AHAM's life-transforming programs.

"Resistance is futile" - is the tense, nerve-racking warning made by "the Borg" in the once popular "Star Trek Challenger" TV series. It contains a powerful principle of simple spiritual truth. In AHAM, you learn that whatever you resist also resists you in a similar or stronger manner.

The principle is very simple: "What you resist, persists," or resisting a thing only reinforces it, or gives it strength. To hold and defend a position - any position - naturally and automatically calls up its opposing position to countermine or serve as a counteracting force. It is a simple law or principle of the universe manifesting in or as all dual factors. In the manifestation of life, or duality, opposites depend on one another for their very existence. When you choose, or even think of one aspect of an idea or thing, you also draw up its opposite as a consequence.

For example: "up" requires "down," "hot" needs "cold," "good" involves "bad," "right" follows "wrong," etc., etc. They are mutually dependent, and one chases the other at all times, on all levels of manifestation.

This was discovered and made known to science as a principle of physics by Sir Isaac Newton, and called his Third Law of Motion or Action: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." It was also known by wise men even long before Newton's discovery of it. Jesus wisely advised: "Resist not evil." It is also written in the Vedas of ancient India.

To double the force with which you take hold and defend a position, only brings with it or draws up doubled force in opposition. To again double the defending force again brings about redoubled force in opposition, which will continue in this regard (of doubling and redoubling force) until one side or position ultimately destroys the other, leaving no position to be defended or mutually enforced.

But, it is amazing how few people are the least bit aware of this simple principle, and how it works - particularly politicians and religious leaders. Look at all the conflict, and all the blood that has been shed, as well as all the wars that have been caused or brought about by man's ignorance of this simple principle, or law of the universe. (See: "What you resist, persists).

Responsibility - is the ability to appropriately respond to what is needed or required in a situation, along with the motivation and/or intention to do so. It is more than being dependable; it is recognizing your abilities and/or limitations, telling the truth about them, and then functioning or performing in an accountable manner in a given situation when capable of doing so.

Revision - In AHAM, it is intentionally altering a previous conditioned mental pattern. Revision is a method of replaying or reliving, in your imagination, a past negative experience in order to live it through positively, or to experience it in the manner you would have preferred for it to occur.

We are here working directly with Consciousness, or active Awakened Imagination. The principle involved is that the subconscious mind, as well as your brain and the central nervous system of your body, does not know the difference between a real fact and an imagined fact. (Page 143, The Handbook to Perpetual Happiness, by A. Ramana)

"Running your life, It's" - A phrase that means something is controlling or dominating your life. It is used to describe events or behavior that you're feeling victimized by. For example, "His fear of rejection, or pent up emotions, is running his life." [LMT]


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