AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Barrier - is that which is between you and experiencing your own perfection; "something" inside you that prevents you from seeing what's going on, both inside and outside you. [LMT]

Beauty - is the special revelation of The Divine or Pure Being expressing itself in all aspects of nature, as the manifestation of splendor and loveliness in "the physical," as truth in the mind, as love in the heart, as power in the vitality of life.

Becoming - The Absolute seems to express itself by way of two aspects - Being and Becoming. Being is the One fundamental Reality, while Becoming is an efficient or effectual expression of Reality. The latter is a dynamic power and/or result, a creative energy and process for the working out of Being into a manifested state of completion. Becoming is a constantly persistent yet variable process, the outcome of Being's immutable and formless essence and nature.

Be here now - is to be fully present, alert and totally accepting of what is, in this and every moment.

Be the Truth - is to be a living example of the Truth Realized. This is the first part of a collective statement often used in AHAM pertaining to living and demonstrating the truth in one's life. The whole statement is, "Be the Truth, Live the Truth, Tell The truth, and Share the Truth, " or BLTS. BELTS is an acronym for remembering it. (See: BLTS).

Being (Capitalized) - The fundamental Reality; the Self; pure Awareness; "IS-ness." The verb "to be" is the First Verb, it contains all other verbs. Knowledge, action, creation, enjoyment, etc., are all the fulfillment of Being. The One Being manifests itself on different planes or levels of consciousness; individual consciousness is constituted by different distinguishable parts of the One indivisible Being. (See: Becoming).

Being at Cause - is being fully conscious and responsible for what is; knowing the actual truth underlying what is, in any moment - specifically of what's happening or occurring in your world of experience - and "owning" it. It's knowing that you are yourself the Source and Cause of all that's happening in your life, and being fully capable and responsible for it; not Being at Effect with regard to it.

Being at effect - is being upset, or capable of upset, or in a dilemma about what is happening in your life or the world. It is projecting the problem or blame onto others for what you find disagreeable in your life, and seeing or believing them to be responsible for whatever is wrong. It's not seeing or getting it that "you are always the source and cause of all that's happening in your world or experience."

Being connected - means being here and now present, consciously alert and on Purpose with regard to what is happening or taking place in your immediate surroundings.

Being on purpose - means being connected (see above), plus being responsible and capable of functioning appropriately - i.e., efficiently and effectively - in ones conscious choices, and in the current matter at hand.

"Being right"- is being stuck in the ego, in your position, point of view, or belief and unwilling to "get off" your position; refusing to look at another position or point of view; refusing to see and be free from your "stuckness"; the need or compulsion to "save face," or look good in the eyes of others when you may be making yourself appear to be a dunce. It is usually accompanied by the attitude, "I am right and you (everybody else) are wrong." Epitomized by, "Don't confuse me with the facts, for I have already made up my mind!"

Belief - A structure that contains very little useful information in terms of one's consciousness or well-being. It's a non-experiential way of knowing, which is only "knowing about." It often prevents you from experiencing and thereby accepting what's so. It is a preconception, usually a misconception, that you once learned and which keeps you from seeing what's so, and what's going on right now, used in the current concept accepted by the social sciences as "Belief System, " which are merely a bunch of strongly held opinions on a particular subject, such as "love," "success," "God," "mother," "father," etc. [LMT]

Belief System - Each person's unique collection of mentally and emotionally conditioned beliefs, Concepts, Thoughts, Attitudes, theories, emotions, etc., often accented by entire societies, e.g., the theology of orthodox fundamentalism, which interact to form a complex conscious and/or unconscious network. These affect ones personal outlook, behavior and ability to function. It is a structured model of patterns, concepts and beliefs that determine one's Self-Image, one's positions and opinions of right and wrong, and one's felt abilities and limitations that either motivate or confine him to this system. It is often a set of usually uninvestigated, untested, unproven, but believed-in concepts and fears emotionally held and defended. [LMT]

Believe - This is a lousy, or very poor way to know something; a justification for what you're doing and thus irrelevant if not useless (See: belief, above). All AHAM trainees are warned to not "believe" anything they get from AHAM and its training programs; that is, don't make it into a dogma, belief or philosophy. When asked, "What does AHAM believe in?" the correct answer is "nothing." AHAM does not teach or talk about "beliefs" or "believing," but rather is about directly realizing and experiencing. [LMT]

Beyond the mind - The field of unconditioned consciousness or awareness that is outside the parameters of the mind and its conditioning.

Bhakti - (Sanskrit) Devotion to God, or the Divine; love and adoration; it is the soul's desire for the Highest.

The nature of Bhakti is worship; it is giving or offering oneself to what is greater than oneself. Its nature is love, or seeking closeness and union with God. Giving of oneself is the characteristic of both, and is necessary for union. Each gets its full force when supported by the other.

BLTS - Acronym for "Be the Truth, Live the Truth, Tell the Truth and Share the Truth."

Bliss - The delight of Being. One of the three aspects of pure Being: Existence, Consciousness, Bliss. (Sanskrit) Ananda, a thing to be felt. It cannot be defined except negatively - that is, it is not joy, or happiness, but is something much more deep and essential. It is the essential nature of Divine Consciousness; and, in its movement or activity, it is the pure delight - the Beatitude - of Self-creation and Self-experience. However, this Beatitude that is bliss is pure Conscious Existence and Energy as opposed to the life experience of one's sensations and emotions, which are at the mercy of the outer worldly events of life and their dualities of joy/grief, pleasure/pain.

Bloody nub - As in, "How long do you want to keep pulling back a bloody nub?" A statement Ramana often uses that means "painful," "unprofitable," or "not really desirable."

Body Identification - is confining the sense of Self to the size, shape, life span, etc., of the body; it is the conditioned Concept and Belief " I-am-the-body" felt as a knot or pinch in consciousness, or as a contraction on the field and ground of being; it is associating the body's qualities with the Self, which is itself suffering.

Body-Mind - In AHAM, body and mind are known and usually considered as one composite whole. There is not mind without body, or body without mind, they are usually treated as one combined unit

Booby prize - A prize given as a joke or bogus award to the person or team that doesn't qualify or finish; it is one that fails to measure up, meet the standard or make the grade.

Boon - is a gift or favor from somebody. It is something that functions as a blessing or benefit to somebody. In ones spiritual practice, it is an intuitively felt or acknowledged blessing bestowed or sent by God.

Brahman - The One Absolute Reality; That which fills and supports the idea and form of all that is; the One Infinite, Eternal, Unknown and Unknowable Something behind all ideas, things and forms; that in which all subsists. It is the One Reality that is both the spiritual, material and conscious substance of all ideas, forces and forms of the universe, as well as their origin, support and possessor, the Absolute Spirit both transcending and permeating God, the universe, the individual, time, space and causality.

Buddha Field - An extensive consolidated expanse of focused clear energy that is free from all Thoughts, Concepts or feelings, all sense of limitation or incapability. It is the collective consciousness of enlightenment, which is the amalgamated Buddha Consciousness that is infiltrating and permeating the total environment.

Buddhas - (Intentionally plural). Ramana often states: "I am not here to gather devotees, or personal followers, I am here to develop Buddhas." He means his spiritual mission is our enlightenment, for a Buddha is one who is fully enlightened. In truth, Buddha Consciousness is One, not two, so there are not actually multiple Buddhas.

"Bullshit"- Often used by Ramana as in, "Don't bullshit," or "That's bullshit," or "You're only bullshittng yourself," meaning, don't try to fool or deceive either me or yourself, or try to trick, take in, con, dupe, mislead, misinform, delude, lie to, give the wrong impression, or hoodwink, bamboozle or "pull the wool over" yours or anyone's eyes.

Ramana often says, "Bullshit is a far more convenient and useful word than all the synonyms listed above that it represents or takes the place of." The wide variety and range of nuances and meanings of the above words it replaces, plus all the varying situations as to how and when they can be used with regard to oneself or others, is easily and conveniently overcome by the single uncomplicated word, "Bullshit." It cuts through all the maneuvering, manipulating and subterfuge by clearing the space and ruling out any attempt to hide, and it clears the air of any attempt to lay down a smokescreen around a topic, situation or issue.

A special note: In India, where the bovine animal species are held in the utmost regard, to the point of being worshipped by some religious cults, "horseshit" or perhaps "dogshit" is a more suitable and effective term or word than "bullshit." This should be considered with genuine sensitivity with regard to the history of Indian culture, which highly honors all species of cloven-hoofed cattle.

But - A remote concept rarely if ever used or expressed in AHAM, as it usually negates everything that precedes it. In AHAM gatherings it is generally replaced with And. [LMT]

Buttons - Are emotional triggers, as in "pushing your buttons." They are unconscious behavior patterns automatically triggered and setoff that cause a reaction; being nothing but mental pictures the mind serves up in any situation remotely resembling an earlier one. It is the mind reacting in a predictable way to certain stimuli, especially to things that relate to deep feelings such as love, anger, sadness, happiness, etc. (Think, for example, of when and why you smile, or frown.) An unwitting response, accompanied by "reasons" that are actually rationalizations. AHAM does not tell you to junk all your buttons, only to recognize and acknowledge that you are responsible for them. [LMT]


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