AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana



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Unconscious - This is living at the Effect of the Mind, i.e., at the effect of the events now occurring to oneself. It is living in Time/Space and being upset by the events coming up out of one's past or now happening in the world, and looking to the future for "things to get better."

Unconscious is what we usually are most of the time, which is being oblivious, spiritually asleep, out of touch with what is, or "out to lunch." AHAM gives people the necessary nudge - and the "space"- to wake up, so they can now truly look at their lives, or see the truth about them, and thus begin to really and truly live life, here and now. [LMT]

Understand - As in "I understand what you mean." This is the booby prize. It is intellectualizing, making what is so into a belief or concept, and not getting it. The prize goes to experience, or direct knowing, which is Getting It. [LMT] (See: Booby Prize).

Understanding - The quality of discernment or comprehension that usually only occurs after remaining for a long while in the direct company and experience of a thing. But, it is still not certain that one actually knows the situation, person or thing in question. It usually means one's individual or specific judgment or outlook, or opinion about a thing appearing or occurring in the mind. But in AHAM, this is not dependable.

More important than meager understanding, which is most often merely knowing about a thing or situation, is one's certainty of knowing. It is to know thoroughly, by one's close contact or long experience with the thing in question, which is to perceive and comprehend the true nature and significance of the thing or situation at hand. It is from experience, that one truly knows.

Universe — is the totality of all consciousness, energy and matter that exist in the vastness of apparent space, whether known to human beings or not, containing the earth along with the human race and the totality of human experience.
It is the sphere or field of activity centered on and including everything associated with life.

It is the totality of finite and changeable circumstances, dependent on and equal to the immutable, eternal infinity of Divine Consciousness.

But, in fact, the universe is a mere illusion, a product of thought, it only appears to exist. It is not in itself Real.

Vedanta - means, "the end of knowing." It is a system of philosophy based on the Upanishads, which are commentaries on the ancient Hindu Vedas (sacred writings) or Books of Knowledge. It is teaching the culminating or conclusive knowledge of The Absolute, which is about the revelations of the Divine Self. Vedanta is one of the six systems of orthodox Indian philosophy.


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