AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Law - The rule of conduct recognized by a community or society including its policies and/or procedures that are binding and enforceable by its officials or those in authority. It is the control or authority resulting from the observance and enforcement of a community's or society's system of rules. In AHAM, we don't regard these as rules or laws, but rather as conscious Agreements.

All true or just law is orderly action or movement in consciousness with honest and impartial purpose and intention; it is the use or movement of power. The real basis of this movement is not material; it is the energy or activity of consciousness, which by its action creates the appearance of multiplicity in manifestation and the opposition between the dual aspects of this apparently material world.

In Divine Law, it is or pertains to Causality.

The Law of Assumption - A formative law in consciousness based on the simple, irrefutable principle that what you consistently hold in consciousness, by thinking and strongly feeling it with emotion in the mind until it feels real or natural, is charged with creative energy and power and actually forms or fashions itself into its physical equivalent, that is, into a solid manifestation and/or experience in your life and affairs.

The Law of Reversibility - In the science of physics the Law of Reversibility is known as the Principle of Inverse Transformation.

Simply stated it is, "Any force which can cause or produce another force as its effect, can itself be produced or created as the natural result or effect of making the second force the originating cause." Or more simply stated, if cause "A" will produce effect "B," then by making "B" cause, you can produce "A" as the effect. This is what Neville (Ramana's first conscious teacher) called the "Law of Reversibility," a term which Ramana prefers and has used for many years.

A common example of the Law of Reversibility: mechanical motion will produce electrical impulses, and conversely, electricity will run a motor. Also, heat causes friction, and friction produces heat.

Thomas Edison, knowing this working principle of physics, one day had an insight with regard to its application for reproducing sound, or the human voice. If the human voice could cause, as an effect, the mechanical phenomenon of vibration on the surface of a plane, like a sheet of paper, then conversely such vibrations must in some way be capable of reproducing sound, or the human voice. He did not at first know how it was to be done, but he knew that it had to work, because of this Law of Reversibility. So, he went to work in his laboratory to make it happen. Today, as a result of Edison's understanding of the Law of Reversibility, and his knowledge of physics, you and I can enjoy fine music in stereo. And, also from this principle, the same invention was later expanded and developed into our current ability to record and replay whatever we choose simply with audio and video tapes, CDs, etc.

If a law is actually a law at any level of existence, then it is a law (or is modifiable to work) at all levels of existence. So, if the Law of Reversibility works at the level of physics it also works at the level of metaphysics - "meta," meaning beyond, or above and "physics," meaning the domain of natural physical phenomena. "Metaphysics" is the science that deals with first causes of all existence and knowledge. So, the Law of Reversibility also works in the realm of consciousness, or mind and ideas, just as reliably as it works on the physical level.

This means that our Attitudes and moods infallibly out-picture themselves in our physical world as actual facts, events and experiences by this uncompromising principle. (Pp. 164-6 The Handbook to Perpetual Happiness by A. Ramana)

Liberation - The joyous release from body-mind identification, felt as peace, freedom and happiness, without any observable cause or objective reason for it, except that it is realized as always, already being ones true and natural state as the SELF. It is merging into ones true nature, or divine being, where all action or activity are the natural or automatic expressions of the one Self, where there is not, nor can there ever be anything else other than this.

Life - That quality which makes living animals and plants different from dead organisms and inorganic matter. It is the Self appearing, moving or manifesting in matter, expressing itself in terms of the active force of Consciousness. It is the energy of Spirit subordinated to the activity of the Body-Mind, working to fulfill itself through mental and physical acts, and which functions as a connecting link between them. Human life is the human being working to impress himself on the material world with the greatest possible force, intensity and expression. It is the numerous, productive ways and opportunities given to us all to discover, realize and express God.

Life Force (Prana) - The very energy of life itself; not the physical energy in itself but rather a different or higher principle that supports matter and is involved in it. It is the very energy of life contained in the breath. It supports and occupies all living forms and without which no physical form could ever come into or remain in being. It is the very life breath that functions in and as the vital plane of Consciousness; that is, between Matter and Mind.

Light - Primarily a spiritual or divine manifestation of the One Supreme Being or Reality, it being both illuminative and creative. Spiritual Light may be called Divine Knowledge, which is far beyond ordinary knowledge, being the illumination that comes from above, or beyond, and liberates the being from gloom, obscurity and spiritual darkness or ignorance.

Lila - (Sanskrit) Play, or the Divine play of God. It is that which brings everything into apparent manifestation. It is God creating and recreating Himself in Himself for the sheer joy, bliss, humor and delight of it; or the playfulness of participating in this creation.

"Living the Truth" - Choosing to conduct your life consciously and clear, or based on the established, proven principles of Truth. It is living with integrity and expressing only from and as the Truth to the best of your ability.

"Looking at your hole card" (See: "Seeing your hole card").

Lord - A title or designation given to God, the Supreme Being, the Divine Self or Absolute Spirit, being the implicit sovereign Ruler and Sustainer of the Universe. It is the One Reality, the Creator and Controller of the apparent individual and the world in which all creation appears in alignment with the function of nature.

Love - Unconditional acceptance. It is your willingness for the one you love to be as he/she is, or is not, without the need or expectation that he/she change to conform to your needs, wishes, expectations or requirements. In AHAM, it bears little or no relationship to the usual concept or idea of love held by society; for example, as portrayed in the once popular movie or play, "Love Story." Contrary to usual or popular notion, love is strangled by the felt sense of "need." [LMT]

Commonly love is seen, recognized and felt as an intense feeling of tender affection and/or compassion. In its pure higher nature, it's the very state of the Self in its eminence as pure Being, prior to and beyond time - in the infinite and eternal now. In its purity, it is not related to any particular person or thing but radiates equally and unconditionally in all directions to all persons and all things.

It is the Ananda (Bliss) aspect of sat-chit-ananda (existence-consciousness-bliss), which are the combined mutual aspects of the One Reality of the Self. Love is felt oneness with God, or pure Being. It is an important functional basis for clear communication and harmonious relationships.


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