AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Habit patterns - Often repeated Thoughts, feelings, emotions, Ideas, Actions and/or types of behavior that have become strong tendencies in the mind, making deep "grooves" or impressions, perhaps leading to addictive patterns or repetitive situations or circumstances that are therefore not easy to change, alter, break or transform.

Happiness - What everyone is Seeking, untainted with pain. Such happiness is the natural state of the Self, pure Being, prior to one's identification with the Body-Mind, or Not-Self, as being the Self. [LMT]

Actually, this quality of happiness occurs naturally - it being our natural state - when all Desire stops, when the Mind filled with random thoughts stops, and is quiet, at Peace.

Happiness is wrongly believed to be Pleasure. It is primarily thought to be the result of something pleasant happening to us from outside of ourselves, such as when a desired object, thing or situation is attained, or an undesired situation or thing is removed. But this is only pleasure, which always contains its opposite, Pain. The Truth is, on these occasions, one's sense of desire - which in fact is actually disturbing to one's natural state of peace, tranquility or happiness - is stopped or temporarily turned off, and with it the mind stops. Or, the mind returns to the Source, or Center of Being, and partakes of its own true and natural state, which is always, already pure happiness.

Harmony - This is the state when all is in alignment and agreement with Truth, the One Reality, and is a pure expression of it.

Heart - The Heart, as we mean the term in AHAM, is not the blood propelling organ in the body, but means the vital psychic (or soul) center felt by some on the right side of the chest, it being our spiritual Source, the Core of our being, which is synonymous with the true Self.

Heart Connection - is having a deeply felt empathy, attraction, kinship or affection with some person, place, thing or situation.

Heart Core or Cave - the central innermost point or location of our being/; the most vital center of consciousness; the domain of the soul.

Heart Current - felt subtly as the perpetual flow of consciousness radiating throughout ones being from the Source or Self. (See, Sphurana)

Heart Magnet - A very subtle attracting pull or influence by the Self always drawing one back towards the state of pure Awareness, yet not often recognized by those strongly identified with and at the effect of the body-mind or ego.

Help - is to aid someone while coming from the assumption that he or she is at Effect, that is, he or she "needs" your aid. This is different from Assist, which is aiding from the knowledge that the person is really at Cause in the matter, being actually capable, just being temporarily behind, limited or indisposed, yet actually being responsible and consciously the source of his/her experiences. [LMT]

"Here" and "There" - During a conscious AHAM Process, one finally comes to a place in consciousness where a person, object or situation that has formerly been seen and experienced as problematic or painful, is - after first being fully and totally accepted as it is - now seen or realized to be entirely in the mind, and therefore different from one's true being or Self, and thus not a problem. In this elevated state of consciousness the Self is felt or experienced as being "here," and the situation is seen or felt as being "there," and there is now a clear space or "feeling of being free" prevailing between the apparent seer and the seen. In truth they are now not different - being seen as actually One - yet without any conflict or disturbance being felt.

Higher Consciousness - The State of Consciousness where everything can be seen as one, or not different from the Self, although still appearing as many. It's the quality of consciousness prior to, above and beyond the mind and its functioning, thus being the seat of intuition.

Higher Self and lower self - The Higher Self is not different from God, the One Supreme Reality. The lower self is the Ego, which is identification with the body-mind as being oneself.

How - There is in truth no way you can know "how" to do something. You only know to act appropriately, or do something in the required moment, all of which is too complex to describe here. For example: no one knows "how" to walk, we all just simply walk. [LMT]


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