AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana



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Namaskar - (Sanskrit) This is a greeting of salutation, which is given with high honor and respect. In India, where it is more commonplace, it is a special acknowledgment of obeisance and respect, or pious recognition and humble surrender given to a god or a recognized holy person, such as before one's Guru. The spiritual aspirant or seeker either moves to his knees and prostrates, or stretches out full length on the ground with his face down, in front of the image of the god, or the Guru, or the most honored one.

Namasté - (Sanskrit) A friendly greeting of mutual respect, commonly given in the East, where you press your hands together with both palms touching and fingers fully extended. Its general meaning: "I honor That Place in you where the whole universe resides, that place of Love, Peace, Joy and Light. As you abide in that Place in you, and I abide in that Place in me, there is not two, there is only One of us."

Natural - means inherent and not acquired; it's having a particular quality, character or nature. In AHAM, you are urged to always - or at least to the best of your ability - remain in your true or natural state.

This means: just as ice is naturally cold, as water is naturally wet and as fire is naturally hot - none of these require any effort on their part to be as they are - so, in like manner, your true nature is Peace, Freedom and Joy. This also means that in truth, or when the Self is realized, you don't have to effort, or do anything to experience these qualities; for they are always, already naturally yours.

Nature - is the apparent or observable physical world including all natural phenomena and living things. It is the collective forces and processes that control the apparent or observable fact of the physical world independent of human volition.

In Sanskrit, nature is Prakriti, which is the outer or executive side of the Conscious Force that forms and moves the physical worlds. In an apparent individual, it is the lower animal aspect of his or her life or being, which is one's mind and body.

Neutralize - To make ineffective, which is what you want to do with the mind's conditioned patterns and tendencies. You want to remove the mind's ability to act as a threat or obstacle to you and your choice to remain or abide in the Self, or your true nature.

Nirvana - (Sanskrit) is the attainment of Enlightenment; it is freeing the individual self from identification with matter or form, and from worldly attachments, and thus ending the cycle of births and deaths.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi - is the transcendental state of the Self, which is absorption of the individual self in Pure Consciousness or Being, without visible perception of the world or its objects. It is one of the highest states of concentration in which the soul loses all sense of being different from the Universal Self. However, this is a temporary trance-like state from which there is eventually a return to one's apparent ordinary consciousness as the ego, or to body-mind identification.

No - It may seem incredible that sentences can be flawlessly and easily constructed to appear to say, "yes" but actually their meaning is, "no." You could possibly go a long time before you actually hear a directly stated "no" in some of the conscious conversations at AHAM, but "no" is still easily understood between such persons when it is meant as such.

The point is that you can communicate with others and actually say "no," without coming across as or giving off the Attitude that someone is being rebuffed, rejected, denied, or that his/her vote has been vetoed or canceled, and yet still there is no doubt that "no" is what is meant. [LMT]

Non-duality - is the true nature of Being. It is the one single Existence, in which there is no "other," it being not-two. It is the unity of Being, for pure Being is always, already One. This oneness is infinite and eternal. It contains within itself the appearance of duality with all its pairs of opposites and various counterparts as an apparent infinity of pluralities and multiplicities.

It is the eternal and fundamental fact, the underlying Reality without which all opposing pairs of opposites could not be perceived, known or experienced. Realizing and understanding this one non-dual consciousness, this substratum of everlasting Being, is itself true Knowledge and Wisdom. (See: multiplicities).

Not-self - All that is usually thought, felt and/or identified with that is not in fact the real or true Self. It is all that is contained in the mind, its conditioned content or memory, including the body and all worldly possessions. It is one's SELF-IMAGE. [LMT]

Now — is the only Reality. The past appears to exist, but it is only a memory in the "now," The future appears to exist, but it too is only as a vision in the "now." Past and future both only appear to exist in this present moment, which is now, the only reality. When in the past a current event or situation was happening it was happening "now." Likewise, when in the future a current event happens, it will be "now." Now is the only reality. Now is infinite and eternal. Now never changes, It has always been now, it will always be now. For now is the only real "thing."

Observation - The only way to know a thing directly, besides experiencing it, or "natural knowing." It is different or higher than belief, and more than conjecture, assumption, concept or theory. [LMT]

On Purpose - is being present, conscious, alert, definite, steadfast and intentional with regard to participating in and/or completing an action, enterprise or endeavor. It means consciously choosing to and getting the job done efficiently, effectively and on schedule.

It is going about your business (job, life, work, etc.) with intention, with your eye on the goal, focused on the intended results; not getting distracted or sidetracked. [LMT]

Open Marriage and/or Relationship - A marriage or relationship where the partners or participants have an agreement and/or arrangement, or have given their mutual consent that each may have intimate relationships with others outside the marriage or relationship. This might in some instances include agreed permission for one or both partners to have sexual relations, Sexual Expression And Freedom, with others.

Original sin - is wrong, or incorrect thinking. It is living in accord with the concept, the false belief, that the body and mind together comprise one's Self. It is the subsequent wrong or Error Thinking caused by this primal wrong belief. It is the sense of separateness, causing all of one's suffering.


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