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The 2024 Calendar has Arrived


Available Now: Two New Masterpieces from V. Ganesan:

Treasure Trove of Sri Bhagavan's Grace

(click the link for the ebook)

by V. Ganesan

Flight of the Flame

(click the link for the ebook)

by V. Ganesan


For more information and to reserve for a program, contact the AHAM Center, Asheboro, NC.

Phone: 336-381-3988 or email:


AHAM Meditation Retreat & Training Center

Reflection Lake

AHAM - The Association of Happiness for All Mankind - is a nonprofit spiritual education organization offering a dynamic curriculum of
training programs as well as gatherings, personal retreats, and weekly teleconference calls.

USA-based programs and events are held at our AHAM Meditation Retreat and Training Center which is located on a tranquil 40-acre site near the Uwharrie National Forest in the heart of North Carolina.

Programs and retreats are also offered at our AHAM Center in South India which is located at the foot of Mt. Arunachala.

We cordially invite you to visit either AHAM Center and experience Self-Inquiry; a most direct way to awaken to and abide in the stillness and silence of the Heart - as the Self you truly are.


AHAM Graduates Share Their Experiences

American Mystic

Special Offer
Only $25 for Special Edition 
(Regular price - $39.99.)

  • "Just picking this book up seems to have me in an inner feeling of joyous desire to read and enjoy it. Not only does it share the experiences of A. Ramana, it serves as a pointer at the same time, pointing to the experience of Truth. Although I am not even close to finishing the book, I am feeling a oneness with everything it talks about and everyone mentioned in the book. Anyone would enjoy this Master piece. Get it, 'MASTER peace.' "
    - Bobby Lamb, Asheboro, NC
  • "It is a treasure to be cherished.
    American Mystic is well written, beautifully put together, and very readable; and if you think you can't progress spiritually because of your childhood - READ THIS BOOK. Really. And, if you didn't get a chance to meet A. Ramana while he was alive - here's your chance."

    - Doug High, Franklinville, NC


Our Mission:
AHAM's primary purpose and ongoing mission is the preservation and dissemination of Self-Inquiry, the pure stillness and peace of abiding in the One Self.


sri ramana maharshi