AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Fabulous, great - These are simply acknowledgments of communication. Various synonyms are: fine, marvelous, thank you, for sure, very nice, got it. In AHAM, these have no relationship to the quality or even accuracy of communication, only that communication has occurred and that we give recognition to this fact when using these friendly terms.

Faith - Intuitive anticipation of a happy solution to an important problem occurring with us. It is feeling now the feeling that would be ours if what we want or need was already so, already an accomplished fact or achievement. [LMT]

Also, it is Belief or trust in someone or something, often without logic or proof. It is belief and devotion to God; a strongly held conviction of certain spiritual beliefs and of their apparent set of principles and laws.

An intuitive conviction in one's inner being of the truth of something that cannot actually be seen, or even proved by any physical evidence, but which is the subject of one's experience.

It is the inner being's true sense of something being so, although not yet manifested, achieved or realized, but which the inner knower feels to be true, or totally worth following or achieving. It's one's inner assurance in the existence, power, wisdom, love and grace of The Divine, the One Reality, even without any evidence to or from the senses.

The Bible calls it "the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Heb. 11:1) It is by faith that we understand what is seen was made out of things which do not appear. (Heb. 11:3)

Simply stated, in AHAM, faith is how you feel about a person, place, thing or a situation. If you feel a thing to be so, you have faith that it is so; if you feel it is not so, that is your lack of faith in it. Faith and doubt are the opposite ends of the same "stick" or "coin" of creation, called "feeling."

Fate (See: Destiny)

Fear - The absence of self-assertion in critical moments; lack of true knowledge. It is the presence of uncertainty; anticipation of future suffering; identification of oneself with the body-mind; ignorance of one's destiny and aim in life. The lowest manifestation of fear is cowardice in the face of suffering, which can damage or even destroy the visible or physical body. [LMT]

Force - is the power, strength or energy possessed by someone or something; it's power and strength that are intellectual or moral rather than physical. It is the manifestation of the one and only Divine or Omnipresent Energy that exists in all dimensions, which makes all universal or individual action possible. This One Force is the power of the Divine Itself, manifesting or expressing in all forms and bodies. In the individual, it is a single Force giving rise to inspiration, illumination, and the transformation of all that is to be done in the world for one's realization of Self.

Freedom - The state or condition of not being bound or constrained. It is being under no obligation or necessity; not affected by any given condition or circumstance; not limited or obstructed.

Fulfillment - is feeling complete in every particular, to the maximum or highest degree; containing all that is normal or possible; feeling totally qualified and accepted.


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