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Arunachala Ramana was the founder of AHAM and here in his memoirs he tells us about his life journey to awakening, his vision of AHAM, along with many keys to Self-Inquiry.
If you have a passion for Self-Inquiry and this inner work, American Mystic: Memoirs of a Happy Man will bring many insights. Ramana was both an inquirer into truth and an adventurer. His story is a fascinating glimpse of a man following the American Dream, the pursuit of Happiness, yet at the same time it is the inner journey that flows like an undercurrent throughout his story.

Ramana’s life, as extraordinary as it was, is also a mirror of our own journey and this book may be a friend and welcomed companion along our own path.
This special hardcover limited edition is NOW available for everyone to read.
Members of the AHAM family will especially rejoice in owning this book, which includes a full color insert of inspiring pictures.

American Mystic: Memoirs of a Happy Man
Price: $39.99

(Domestic orders only, for orders outside the U.S.
please contact AHAM Publications for shipping information.)

Limited edition hardcover - 382 pages with a 16 page color insert
Publisher: Spiritual Publishing Company
© 2015 Revealing Light Productions

  • "Just picking this book up seems to have me in an inner feeling of joyous desire to read and enjoy it. Not only does it share the experiences of A. Ramana, it serves as a pointer at the same time, pointing to the experience of Truth. Although I am not even close to finishing the book, I am feeling a oneness with everything it talks about and everyone mentioned in the book.  Anyone would enjoy this Master piece. Get it, 'MASTER peace.' "
    - Bobby Lamb, Asheboro, NC
  • "It is a treasure to be cherished.
    American Mystic is well written, beautifully put together, and very readable… and if you think you can’t progress spiritually because of your childhood… READ THIS BOOK. Really. And, if you didn’t get a chance to meet A. Ramana while he was alive - here’s your chance."

    - Doug High, Franklinville, NC




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