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The AHAM Meditation Retreat Center Butterfly

“AHAM” is an acronym for The Association of Happiness for All Mankind. AHAM’s purpose is contained in it’s name.

AHAM’s butterfly logo symbolizes its objective and its purpose. Just as for a time the butterfly appears to be limited or covered up by its “caterpillarness” and apparently doesn't recognize or realize its true nature as being a butterfly; likewise, man appears to be limited to his mortal body existing for a while in time and space, and his real Self-nature, which is Infinite and Eternal, appears to be covered up by his conditioned mind with all its concepts, fears and memories of the past.

Therefore, most people live their lives in limitation, at the effect of fear and desire, and totally ignorant of their true Self-nature, which is actually ever-free of suffering and abiding as real peace, freedom and joy, prior to the body-mind.

Even now, the truth is always, already this Truth; it's simply covered up or concealed by this false idea, appearance and assumption of being the body-mind!

AHAM’s single or primary purpose is to share the truth that man’s basic nature is always, already Happiness. This real Happiness may be experienced and expressed as eternal and infinite Being, radiating as Peace, Freedom, Faith, Love, and Self-expression.

Man’s true destiny is to eventually awaken and realize the Truth regarding his real nature, which is possible even in this lifetime—if he will only apply himself regularly to this one supreme purpose.

No matter in what time or place, or by what name, or in what body, form or shape any human may happen to be appearing, his ultimate destiny is to fully Awaken to the Truth of his Real, Divine Nature, which is eternal Happiness. Just as the true nature of every caterpillar is in fact its “butterflyness,” and its true destiny is to ultimately be the butterfly that it always, already is.

AHAM’s only reason for existing is to provide a direct way for any person to discover and realize his true identity, or discover his true nature as Peace, Freedom and Happiness. This is his destiny, and this occurs only by awakening to his real Self.

Thereafter, he is capable of living in steady, unshakable Happiness, in and from direct awareness of already being infinite and eternal, or a Consciously Aware Expression of Everlasting Life.