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Being Awake (BA)

This unique retreat program is for those who have been applying the AHAM Teaching in their lives and are being inspired to “dive deep” into the Stillness and Silence of Pure Being.  This program is “your” program…totally created from where you are and what is best for your process of awakening.

For 10 days, AHAM provides a seclusion retreat space for you, where you will have total privacy.  This is an intense focus of intention and attention into the inward flow of Consciousness.  In this pure dedication to Truth, whatever mind patterns that have been standing in the way of your ability to remain in the Awakened Awareness of Being, are fully seen and dissolved into the Light of Pure Awareness.  This is simply Being Awake, moment to moment, radiantly being as you ARE.

[Prerequisites:  LMT or CC&R]


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The ultimate process for merging completely into the natural state - into the presence of NOW.