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Treasure Trove
Sri Bhagavan’s Grace

– By V. Ganesan

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


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About the Book

About the book Treasure Trove of Sri Bhagavan’s Grace, penned by Sri V. Ganesan, is an illustrious addition to the compendium of his classic works such as Ramana Periya Puranam and Meetings with Sages and Saints. Every story is Sri Bhagavan, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Bhagavan! Though many of the anecdotes are like sequels to events narrated in Ramana Periya Puranam, each story reveals one or the other new facet of Sri Bhagavan’s teaching.

Every anecdote of this book is a demonstration of the power of a jñāni. Whoever the devotees may be, whatever be their qualification or quest, we find the strange power of Sri Bhagavan’s mauna and its impact on them . Most of them are somehow made to feel intuitively the adhishṭhāna — the substratum — on which the individuality, the ‘I’, and its world with all its problems appear and disappear, like a mirage in the desert. The Divine Power - chit-shakti - that emanated from Sri Bhagavan pushed the devotees’ attention away from the actors, actresses, comedy, tragedy, events, and emotions of their ‘movie’ called saṃsāra and towards the 'screen' on which all these merely appear to exist. That adhishṭhāna is Bhagavan Sri Ramana himself. That substratum is Arunachala. When one pays direct and unwavering attention to 'That', the ‘I’ merges back in the Source, leaving only the pure space of Shivānubhava. This is what Sri Bhagavan says in Aksharamanamalai — “O Arunachala, when will my thoughts subside so that I will intuit the subtle-most Infinite Space, the Divine Nature of Thine?” (Verse 57) This experience of transcending the mind and merging in the silence of the Self, we find re-enacted again and again in every episode of this book. To open this Treasure Trove is to own that “Great Treasure of Grace” — Tiru Aruḷ Nidhi. Some of us have often sat with Ganeshanna, drinking the ambrosia of Ramana-Amrita for days and nights. The same impact of 'Ramana Experience' is evoked by this book as well. Let the reader himself taste this Ramana-Samādhi — the ecstasy of Sri Ramana — by reading this book with his whole Heart is our prayer to Sri Bhagavan.

An apt companion to this Treasure Trove, is Flight of the Flame. A gem of a biography of Sri Bhagavan that reveals how the the fire that burns away all dross and the flame that gives light were both a recurrent theme all through his life. Last, but not the least, is the bookmark. No ordinary one, it is the jewel in the crown whose four facets bring out vividly and precisely, how the teachings of Sri Bhagavan and Adi Shankaracharya complement each other.

Flight of the Flame


Also available for download, click the link

Flight of the Flame

by V. Ganesan



Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
V. Ganesan


A brief biography about V. Ganesan is available here (click the link).



Click below for a very special free eBook about Ramana Maharshi and his earliest devotees.
Ramana Periya Puranam
(Inner Journey of 75 Old Devotees)
by V. Ganesan



Experience Self-Inquiry as shared by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.Bhagavan sri ramana maharshi