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Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (I SIT)

Experience comprehensive instruction in Self-Inquiry as introduced to the world by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, and directly realize for yourself, what it means to Awaken and Abide in the true Self.

The Intensive Self-Inquiry Training (I SIT) is the first step in AHAM's Extensive Conscious Curriculum, which is focused entirely on learning and practicing the pure process of Self-Inquiry. This training/retreat is held over an eight-day period to allow plenty of space for awakening to occur, and time to begin integrating the Self-Inquiry process into daily life. This most direct process is taught as the means to constantly SIT here, in awakened presence, no matter what is occurring in one's life.

In I SIT, an important shift occurs naturally in Consciousness. You grasp or re-cognize (again know) the Truth that the Self is already “realized” and is not a goal to be attained one day. This is the problem projected by the mind. You are not this apparently separate individual-self living a detached life and needing to perform some spiritual practice (sadhana) directed toward some future attainment. You are even now the One Self, which has all along been hidden by the ego (mind), concealed by this lie.

In this program you recognize this Truth. You learn to live your life and conduct your spiritual practice from the True Self, the Awakened Heart, not seeking awakening as a goal to be attained. Therefore, “sitting in the Heart” is exactly what it implies – being fully connected to the Truth we ALL really are, in all life situations. This is an experience, not just a concept! It is living in and as the “Enlightened Way of Happiness NOW.”

Ramana explained the basis of this program as follows:

“Everybody is seeking happiness, trying just about everything to be happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Or, to be happier than they now are? That’s why AHAM came into being as an organization, and how it got its name: The Association of Happiness for All Mankind.”

“We are all seeking happiness. The problem is we’re seeking it in the wrong way. We’re seeking out of ignorance, looking for happiness outside ourself – in the world, and from the things of this world. We don’t realize that happiness is our own true inner nature. Since it is always, already present within us – and only needs our recognition and understanding of this fact – as long as we seek it, we’re really going away from it. We need only to be still, to let go and simply surrender to our own inner Being, and be the happiness that we already are, but presently overlooking. We need only discover that it’s the True Nature of the Self we always are, and consciously dive deeply within our own being.”

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A Special Interview with A. Ramana at AHAM’s India Center on February 2008
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