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by A. Ramana



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"What you resist persists" (See: Resistance)

"What's coming up with me" - is an expression often used by AHAM participants or graduates to other fellow members expressing what is presently being seen, recognized or experienced with regard to something he or she or another person is going through in the moment, in some life situation, etc., or perhaps some insight about it.

"Who's seeing that (or this)?" - is an expression often used by Ramana to draw one's attention back to the seer; that is, the source of what is being seen. The seer should then Inquire: "Who is seeing or witnessing what is being seen?" and then merge with the underlying Consciousness out of which the seer appears to rise. (See: Self-Inquiry)

Witness - You often hear some spiritual teachers refer to being the witness of the world, mind and of all your Thoughts, etc., as being itself the highest state of the Self. With self-imposed limitations, one thinks that there is a witness of the mind and of the thoughts it witnesses. One also says, "I am the witness." But who is the witness? It is important to be clear on this issue and notion of "being a witness." The idea is in the mind. To be a witness, there must be an object and a subject, which are creations of the mind.

Regardless of what you say you are witnessing, it is this "I" that is saying it. It is you, with your mind, that is saying that there is a witness. If you ask "Who was the witness?" You must reply, "me," or "I." Again, who is this "I?" It is the Ego, or the mind itself that speaks. The ego cannot be the witness of itself. It cannot assume this prior position for itself. Such a position is untrue and invalid. Consciousness alone is the Truth of the Self, and is unlimited. It is the limited ego, or mind, that falsely claims to itself the position of witness. There is really nothing or no one to witness, or to be a witness. All is simply Being. If one is watching his/her Thoughts as a method or form of meditation, let him also Inquire, "Who is seeing and experiencing these thoughts?" And so return to the source of the "I"-thought and merge in It. This Process eventually transcends the appearance of duality and the false Witness.

Work and Action and Service - Usually, all of one's acts are included in the term "action." Work and service is action performed or regulated toward a specific end, usually done methodically or consistently with the intention of completing or accomplishing a definite outcome or result. Such action, that is motivated by the ego and not finished or completed in this lifetime can lead to rebirth, to another incarnation in order to finally complete the action.

Work performed without Ego, or for the primary benefit of others - that is, by rendering a genuine, loving service to humanity or in service to The Divine - is Karma Yoga. This quality of action purifies the Mind of its egoistic tendencies, and does not result in future births. Or, if future births are required for the soul, it results in good or positive karma, and a favorable incarnation. [See: Service (Giving Service)].

World - The world is the appearance of our relations with one another. It is the apparent playing ground of Experience that is seemingly occurring in the illusionary manifestation of Duality, called objective life. Notice how of the apparent three states - waking, dreaming and deep sleep - the world is sensed or perceived only in the waking and dream states. It is only in these two states that the world appears in consciousness. It appears as a solid objective reality manifesting in the form of various transactions, interactions, or subject-object events happening between apparent persons, places and things - all of which are seen with the mind, or as an arrangement and operation of the mind that is occurring entirely in the Mind.

The apparent interactions, or dealings with others in the world scene - i.e., all the drama going on with the Body-Mind, or the apparent Individual - is occurring only then, in the waking or dream states. If there were no such activities as waking and dreaming, there would be no perception or even any suggestion, inference, supposition or theory as the "world." In deep sleep, where the mind is not actively functioning, but rather is dormant, there is no such activity. And, there are no persons, objects or events composing or bringing together a seeming world. It simply does not exist!

So, the apparent reality of one's world is created only by the act or feat of the ego-mind emerging from dormant consciousness, or sleep, in which one was always, already silently and peacefully abiding as the Self. And, the apparent reality of the world is once again swallowed up or disappears by one returning to and resuming one's former, original nature in sleep. The true nature of being is the Self, which is more like the underlying fourth state (in Sanskrit called "turiya"), in which the seeming three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping only appear as modifications. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi says, "The emergence and disappearance of the world are like the spider producing a gossamer web out of itself, and then withdrawing it again into itself."

"World is a dream, The" - The world is only appearing in consciousness. It does not actually exist independent of your consciousness of it. When you are abiding in deep sleep, your mind is merged temporarily in the Heart, or pure Being, and during that interval all Thoughts cease and the world and your body do not even exist. This waking state is just like a dream you have when you are asleep. A dream rises in your own mind, or Consciousness, with the "I"-thought rising in the dream state, and subsides back into your consciousness when the "I"-thought in the dream ends, or you awake from sleep. Likewise, this world rises with the rising of the "I"-thought in the waking state (on opening your eyes when you wake up from sleep), and it (the world) withdraws into your own pure Being with the withdrawal of the "I"-thought, or ego, when you Awaken to the true Self in the Natural State of Enlightenment.

"Yapitty-yapitty" - is uncontrolled Thought; it's a synonym for the automatic "mantra," the mental chatter that's going on like a barking dog, which is the entire unconscious, habitual or automatic "stuff" going on most of the time in the Mind, and that's being recorded in the brain. [LMT] (See: "I-me-my-mine").

"You're in a good place" - is a statement Ramana uses frequently when someone is going through what may appear to the person as an upsetting situation or event in which doubts, disturbances or negative insights or experiences are being revealed. The person is perhaps at the Effect of them, and not feeling very good about it. When using this statement, Ramana is thereby calling the person's attention to several possibilities: He or she may now be in the process of completing or bringing to a conclusion something that has all along been causing pain, loss or limitation, knowingly or unknowingly. And, it needs to be seen and cleared for him to be free from it, once and for all. Also, what is coming up has probably been hidden or concealed for a long while from the person's view or understanding, and that this time the situation is giving him the opportunity to see it and clear it.

When Ramana says this, there is usually a twinkle in his eyes and a sense if merriment or amusement in his voice, which almost always brings forth a release or response of laughter in the recipient of this playful pronouncement.


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