AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




"Take what you get" - In AHAM's Consciousness-Transforming Trainings, which are all based on Consciousness speaking to Consciousness, or "Heart to Heart" communication - and not just the trainer expressing his/her personal concepts, opinions or point of view - the statement is often made, "Take what you get," and "Don't try to take what you don't get."

This means that even if it is not seen immediately, you will eventually get it that what has been shared or revealed is in fact the Highest Truth, and is just what you needed to know, hear, or learn at the time. This is the usual outcome with 99% of those attending AHAM's programs.

Tamas (See: Gunas) - (Sanskrit) In Vedanta, this is inertia; darkness; ignorance; ego; one of the three primal qualities of Prakriti - described as the color black.

Tapas (Tapasya) - (Sanskrit) Tapas literally means "heat." In meditation, or in whatever form, method or system of one's spiritual practice, it is any conscious or intentional directing or focusing of energy generated in the using of that method. It is the concentration of energy by effort or with force to achieve a predetermined higher results, or state. It is steadfastness in one's determination to achieve a spiritual goal or higher spiritual state.

Tapasya means effort. It is austerity of the personal will. It is choosing or applying ascetic force to life. It is the concentration of one's will to control the mind and vital forces of the body to change them for expressing a higher intention or spiritual purpose, or to bring down the higher state of consciousness, or bring into manifestation any higher spiritual purpose.

Telling the Truth - means to only think and speak truthfully. It means don't mislead, or verbally agree and imply that something is one way when you think or feel it is otherwise. It is "mean what you say, and say what you mean." It is living your life with genuine Integrity. (See: "Mean what you say, and say what you mean.").

Tendencies - are conditioned patterns of behavior held in the mind. These are inclinations to think and act in a certain predetermined way or habitual manner based on conditioned patterns, i.e., habits of thought and action recorded in the mind from your past.

Thought; Thinking - Thought is mentation, the mental process or activity of thinking; it takes the form of persons, places and things, or ideas, plans, conceptions or opinions, all of which are occurring in the Mind and being projected into the appearance of solidity in Time And Space by this mental activity.

Thought is the intellectual, scientific and/or philosophical ideas associated with a particular field of study or endeavor, or situation, place, time or group.

Thinking is the process of utilizing the mind to form matter into particular thought forms, such as persons, places, things, situations, Ideas or Concepts. It is the mental ability to intellectualize, to analyze and reason.

"Throwing the baby out with the bath water" - is an expression that means, to remain conscious and alert to what you are involved in dissolving, changing, altering or transforming in your world. Don't overlook what is essential and what is not; or don't carelessly get these mixed up and inadvertently throw out what is actually beneficial to you.

Time - Commonly time is the second, minute or hour as indicated by a clock. Functionally, it is the method of measuring the period, or duration, of movement required or taken for an object to travel between two points in space. It is a limited period during which an action, process, or condition exists or takes place.

Time is also known as a dimension that enables two identical events occurring at the same point in space to be distinguished or measured by the interval between the events.

It is conceived as a force capable of acting on people and objects. It is a moment or period in which something takes place, is chosen as appropriate for something to take place. It is a period required, allocated, or taken to complete an activity; or it's a free period that is not allocated for a particular purpose. It is a designated or customary moment or period in which something is done or occurs. It is a period during which somebody is alive, especially the most active or productive period in somebody's life; or a moment in which some important event such as a birth or death is expected to happen.

In Truth, it is a concept created by the mind, and held in consciousness by the mind; it is not real, it exists only in our imagination and by our agreement. Belief in the existing reality of time, and identification with time, is the cause of suffering. We always live only in the One Reality of the present moment, which is Now. (See: Abiding in Now).

Time and Space - These are both Concepts; nevertheless, as concepts they are unlimited, being infinite expressions of the mind. They are limited to existing only in the mind in which they appear to exist. They give expression and extension to consciousness as it appears in and as matter, as manifested things or forms such as the physical body.

These two are merely aspects of the one universal force of Consciousness, or Being. They, in their mutually intertwined interaction, include and express their combined reciprocal activity with the manifestation of physical forms, and as the mind acting upon itself.

Trainer - In AHAM, a trainer is a fully qualified instructor of one or more AHAM programs, courses or phases in our Conscious Curriculum. AHAM Trainers have themselves gone though a series of AHAM training programs for the intent and purpose of being a trainer. Before they finally completed Trainer's Training, they assisted seasoned Trainers in several of the same or similar programs as the one they are qualified to teach or instruct.

AHAM Trainers demonstrate their dedication, determination and ability in living AHAM's Conscious Teaching in their lives, and in guiding others to do likewise. Most trainers were or are AHAM Buddies; some have also been AHAM Sponsors before attending Trainer's Training. They demonstrate their ability to easily live in the Spiritual Heart, or Self, which is felt by students in the trainings, processes or other functions they lead, or when "hanging out" with them at the AHAM Center and just being in their presence.

Training - In AHAM's Conscious Teaching, an AHAM Training is a consciously developed and delivered program designed to bring about transformation in the lives of students or participants, by uncovering and intentionally assisting the student in removing his/her conditioned mind-patterns that keep him identified with the body-mind, and to Awaken him/her to the Self, so as to naturally abide therein.

AHAM trainings also provide simple, easy, light and fun principles, processes and instruction to those needing these, to live capable, skilled and proficient lives in the world, and yet not of the world. AHAM's Trainers are on Purpose, and themselves most capable in developing all students to be likewise capable, skilled or proficient in this teaching.

Transcend - is to go beyond or rise above the physical or present expression of oneself, or a situation. It is to go beyond the limit or range of Thought or Belief, to go beyond something either in quality or achievement, to exist above and apart from the material world.

Transformation - is an alteration in the substance of, or the inner nature or condition of, rather than in the form of. It is more like transubstantiation, i.e., changing a base metal, like lead, into gold. Transformation is not just change; change is only an alteration in the form of one's being, rather than in one's basic inner essence, personality or character. [LMT]

It is a radical change in consciousness, bringing about an advancement or forward movement in the nature, quality or basic character of the one undergoing it. It means that the Higher Consciousness or nature of the being is brought into the Body-Mind and vital life of the person and takes over in place of the lower consciousness. In a manner of speaking, it is a significant change for the better of the direction, purpose, intention, experience and/or manner of expression in one's life.

In AHAM, it is a complete and radical change in the substance of rather than the form of the being, bringing about an assured, strong and permanent forward movement into a higher state of Consciousness; or in the nature of one's spiritual evolution or true Self-awakening.

Transformation is the sole purpose of all phases of AHAM's Conscious Curriculum, but especially the Self-Inquiry Series, AHAM's Living Meditation Training, Conscious Communications and Relationships, and the Happiness-Now Series.

Tricks of the mind - The mind is a silent saboteur. Or, as Sri Bhagavan Ramana often said, "The mind is a treacherous friend. It will pretend to be your friend but will throw you down at the first opportunity, or when you are least expecting it." Thus, the warning is given to "watch out for the tricks of the mind," which make you think you are on the right course, or making headway, when in fact you may be off course or going entirely in the wrong direction. The best defense against this is to have a Conscious Teacher or Guru, who is Self-realized, as your spiritual guide; and always listen to him/her. An unrealized, sincere teacher may be helpful in various matters, but is also subject to being deluded by the same insidious tricks of the mind. Therefore, his or her opinion is to be countermanded or ruled out by the advice of a Conscious Teacher.

True nature - The Pure or primitive state of a thing, its essential quality or characteristic, its basic disposition, temperament or condition. For example, the nature of water is wetness, the nature of fire is heat, and the nature of ice is cold.

Truth - is that which is genuine and consistent with reality, actuality, certainty, not false or erroneous. It is reliable, precise, accurate, authentic, legitimate. It is that which is real, faithful, sincere, unswerving, exact.

Truth is that which cannot be added to or subtracted from; that which you can only experience. If you put the truth into a container in which you hold a lie, the truth becomes a lie. The truth, when made into a belief, is a lie. If you go around telling the truth as what you believe, you are lying. The difficult or insidious part about it is that the truth is so easy to Believe. [LMT]

Truth vs. fact - There is a subtle, yet sometimes obvious difference between truth and fact. Basically, facts can and do often change; but truth, as such, does not change. Actual truth, in the real sense of the word, is always true; it never changes.

For example, prior to 1900 you could not cross the Atlantic Ocean in a single day. That was just not possible. After the Wright brothers famous flight at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903, it later became possible in 1907 to be done nonstop in an airplane. The main point being, it was not the truth that you couldn't cross the Atlantic in a day, even prior to 1903 or '07. It was only a fact. If it had been the truth, then we could not cross the Atlantic in a day, even now. Facts change, but truth does not change.

Jesus said, "You will know the truth (of your own nature, or real Self), and the truth will make you free." (John 8:32)

Try - We avoid doing things in our lives by "trying" to do them, instead of just doing them; so we leave them undone. When you say you will "try" to do something, you really mean that you are not taking responsibility for doing it. You are not looking, seeing, knowing and choosing to do it. In actual life, you either do it, or you don't. You don't "try." [LMT]


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