AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




"Make it real in your life" - is Ramana's urging us to all live and demonstrate the purity of truth, as we know and realize it to be, in all areas and/or departments of our lives.

Man - In his higher nature, Man is much more than he appears to be in his still somewhat early and undeveloped stage, which humanity is presently displaying. In Truth, Man is Divine, but sadly he has fully forgotten this.

In his essential nature, Man is a mental expression appearing to be encased in a bodily form and enmeshed in the functions or activities of worldly life. In this still early "infant" stage of his spiritual development, he is only capable of functioning as a robotic mental mechanism, displaying primarily less than human traits or qualities in ordinary daily life, or in his thinking, feeling, acting or reacting that is obviously compulsively compelled or motivated by fear, pain, greed, selfishness and the unending desire for pleasure, in which he uses his mind primarily for bodily needs and self-interests.

He has not yet fully discovered his higher nature and potential, or realized that his mind and its conditioned, recorded or remembered experiences of the past are in fact not the self he is Identified With and believes himself to be.

In a manner of speaking, man is God hiding Himself from Himself and engaged in the game of "hide and seek," like children playfully idling away their time on a balmy afternoon. Man is God caught in the game of life, and just learning to effectively work himself free from its unconsciousness, limitation, struggle, violence and pain. God is apparently lost in playing this role of separated man forgetting his true nature and feeling cut off from the truth, while frantically endeavoring to free himself from this pain of seeming individuality or human existence.

Manifestation - is consciousness appearing in physical form. It is the visible form in which consciousness (the energy of Thoughts and Ideas) is revealed or expressed. Man is the appearance in a visible form of a spiritual being.

The Universe and all visible things are a manifestation of Divine Being, or Spirit, out of its own Consciousness or Being. It is the self-realizing, self-determining and self-fulfilling power of Divine Being, or Spirit, demonstrating itself in matter as visible form.

Mantra - is a sacred syllable, statement, affirmation, verbal formula or prayer deliberately repeated as an incantation or form of meditation.

Marriage a legally recognized union or relationship, established by a civil or a religious ceremony, between two people intending to live together as sexual and domestic partners. It is the said legal union between two partners and/or each partner's individual relationship with the other. It is the union or joining together of two people in wedlock .

AHAM recognizes marriage as being the socially acceptable and spiritually appropriate union between two people when choosing to raise a family and/or give birth to children. The love and protection of both a responsible father and mother are very beneficial to the psychological well being of healthy, well-balanced children.

Historically or traditionally, marriage has of course been considered as being a union only between two heterosexual partners, both customarily and legally. Traditionally, homosexual relationships have not been recognized or accepted by the majority of people in mainstream society. However. this custom is gradually being challenged, and even in some states legally changed, as more and more people are “coming out of the closet” so to speak and disclosing their homosexuality and petitioning both the courts and legislators to grant them legal marital rights with their partners.

AHAM leaves this matter of homosexual marriage to the choice and discretion of those individuals directly involved and makes no restrictions or takes no political position either for or against the issue. We accept all people and their chosen sexual preferences and lifestyles, as long as they don't openly or unconventionally flaunt or try to impose their preferences or less conventional social practices or choices on others against their will. AHAM feels that what occurs in the privacy of people's own homes or bedrooms is their own business. Our policy in such matters is to “live and let live.” (See: Sexual expression, nudity and freedom.)

Material Consciousness (Materiality) - is the lower nature in consciousness expressing as, or turned entirely toward, physical things, being full of desires, selfishness and greed, and strongly seeking after worldly pleasures.

On the lowest physical plane, it is the grossest aspect of consciousness, concerned with material wealth and possessions at the expense of spirituality, or of other higher values.

Material Universe (World) - is the descent of Consciousness or pure Being into Manifestation or MATTER, it's the visible or observable cosmos, or the perceptible manifestation of Spirit in and as the world.

The material or manifested universe exists only when or as soon as we see it in the waking or dream states. It does not exist in swoon or the state of deep sleep. Therefore, it does not actually exist in or of itself; it only appears in the mind or collective consciousness of those identified with the body-mind as being the self.

Matter - is the material substance of the universe that has mass, occupies space, and is convertible into energy.

The energy that has decelerated, while being fashioned or formed as matter, is subject to being accelerated or increased in momentum back into pure Consciousness out of which it previously decelerated and descended into matter. The original process was a movement of Spirit from the higher to the lower planes or levels of consciousness in its own descent, as consciousness changed, or itself descended into a lower vibration or quality, first as energy, and subsequently decelerated even more by appearing as a physical materialization of itself in matter.

Maya - is illusion. It's the power of Brahman, The Absolute, by which it manifests the world; it is the veiling and projecting power of Spirit in the Universe.

It is that mysterious unknown and unknowable as well as indefinable quality of Being that causes one to see Reality as unreal, and unreality as Real.

"Mean what you say, and say what you mean" - means to always tell the Truth, and the whole truth, and the entire story. Don't say one thing, but really inwardly feel or mean or try to imply something else, which is in fact dishonesty, and a breach of Integrity.

Mechanical Mind (Robot) - This reflects the Mind of man programmed like a robot by one's own mental and emotional conditioning from the past. Such a mind carries out particular acts or patterns of behavior, even taking over the function of the body-mind in certain ways that are automatically related to its conditioning, and thus does not allow for spontaneous, creative expression in the moment.

Meditation - in Sanskrit is called Dhyana. It is the practice of concentrating one's attention (the mind) on a single thought, idea or object to the exclusion of any and all other thoughts, ideas or objects. The intended purpose is to make the mind steady and/or one-pointed. Over time, this practice will strengthen one's control of the mind, purifying and neutralizing it, freeing it of its tendencies to stray or wander about onto various other thoughts, etc.

Mental Being - That part of Consciousness or the higher nature of being that gives a mental expression to emotions, desires, passions, sensations and other movements of the body-mind, or the believed self, by way of Thought, speech or Actions, etc. You might say that conceptually man is a mental being living in a physical World. He is like a mind encased in Matter (his physical body) and conditioned by all his Experiences of the past while caught in this Unconscious mode of life. In this regard, he is much like a robot. [See: Mechanical Mind (Robot)].

Mental Conditioning - The mind's programmed patterns and tendencies from the past, i.e., Thoughts, Ideas, Beliefs, notions, Concepts, Actions, specific modes of behavior, etc., that usually control and limit the person.

Mind - The mind is "A linear arrangement of multi-sensory total records of successive moments of now." It is what a person usually considers himself or herself to be. The mind's predominant function and purpose is survival - its own; or, the survival of the being and everything with which the being has become identified. [LMT]

The mind is by nature restless. You might say "It's all over the place." This is due to its conditioning, its system of programmed tendencies, beliefs and recorded experiences of the past, all appearing to occur in time and space. It has identified itself with these tendencies and thus has apparently (to itself) become them.

In its original, pristine state, its nature was (is) simply pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness became the mind as a result of the movement of the very first Thought. This was the "I" or "I-am-the-body" thought, which it recorded within itself and which gave rise to identification with form, primarily the form of the physical body itself. From "I," then rose "not-I," forming the world as the apparent playing field and ground of experience, and of relationships with apparent "others" - all of which came into being as "not self" with the rising of the mind. All are appearing as apparent objects, including one's own body as one of the objects of perception that is now felt as one's "self."

True spiritual practice is working to liberate the mind from its restlessness, brought about by this conditioning and identification with the "I-am-the-body" idea, and being caught up in the externalized flow of objectification.

Modes of Nature (See: Gunas)

Money - The standard or accepted medium of exchange officially issued by a country, and used for the purpose of purchasing goods and services.

Since money is needed, or is at least certainly beneficial for enjoying an efficient, effective, harmonious and comfortable life in the world, then understanding the basic laws or principles and the process for easily acquiring it in ample amounts, and in increased quantities when the need arises, is important to one's peace of mind, or worldly well-being. The simple principles and processes for increasing one's possession and control of money is a part of what is taught in AHAM's conscious curriculum of courses for those having this need.

Understand a simple truth: you don't "make" money, you earn it! Only the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes money. (Or the equivalent bureau of the particular government in which one resides and/or uses its currency).

There are only three ways to ethically, morally and legally earn or acquire money. 1. By your own efforts, i.e., by you rendering a mutually-recognized, beneficial service to your fellowman; 2. By other peoples' efforts, i.e., by you providing gainful employment to people and you earn money from their efforts in the services they render for your business to the public; and 3. By your money's efforts, i.e., by the interest your lent out or invested money earns for you.

Simply stated, the amount of money you earn or control is a way of determining your financial or material worth, meaning the value - i.e., the quality and/or the quantity - of the service that you render to humanity.

Since money is measured by an exchange of goods or services, and can only be earned in making such exchanges, if you want or need more. That is, if you want to increase your income, there are two basic ways to accomplish this: One is by increasing the quantity of the service you render; the other is by increasing the quality of your service. Either way, you are increasing the value of your service. If you are already allocating all the time that you can spare in rendering the quantity of service you provide, then you must develop ways to improve or increase the quality or value of your service.

There are three other ways of acquiring money. In the first, which is borrowing, the money is not actually yours, but is only yours to use temporarily; and must be returned or paid back, perhaps with interest. This would provide the lender the third way listed above to legally and ethically earn money for himself.

The other two ways of acquiring money are stealing (which is illegal) and begging (considered unethical or immoral) sometimes informally called, freeloading or sponging off of others, or perhaps "being kept" by someone.

Obviously, some services are of much more value than others to humanity, and therefore they yield an appropriately higher return, or better income to those who perform them. This is of course a primary reason and the benefit of acquiring a higher education, or a quality trade, skill or profession since it increases your personal value to society and therefore your potential income.

About working for an employer: If you work for someone else and draw wages in the form of a salary, it may not be appropriate to ask or expect your employer to give you a raise, especially if you are getting paid a standard wage, or about what you are now worth. But there possibly is a way you can "give yourself a raise." That is, by silently increasing the quantity of your service, or giving more time and/or increased effort to the work you presently do. And, when you do this, you unobtrusively, inconspicuously or very discreetly find a way to make it known, like having someone else call this to the attention of your employer. It is best that you that you do not do this yourself, or brag about it, either. For it might very well backfire on you. Your boss could possibly have the Attitude or take the position that you already owe the company this extra effort; that it is what you were hired to do, and are already being paid to do, and that "it's about time" that you finally got around to doing it!

The other side of this equation, and one that is possibly more certain of positive results is, find a way to increase the quantity or quality of the service you render your employer. One thing is probable, this increase of your service will increase your value to your employer and better safeguard your job in times of recession or job layoffs, or due to your corporation's downsizing, etc.

If you work for an honorable company or employer, one who practices true integrity and respect towards his employees, there is a good chance your increased efforts will not go unnoticed. And, if yours is not an employer with such integrity, you are more likely to be recognized and appreciated by a company or someone else that is. (Taken from AHAM's "Prosperity Seminar.")

Movement (Motion) - Usually, insight into existence as it appears reveals perpetual motion. It appears as though only two aspects of being exist - movement in Space and movement in Time; the former being apparently objective, and the latter being subjective. Now, consider this: Movement pertains to bodies in space. That is, the idea and/or act of movement or motion, such as "going" and "coming," or traveling hither and thither in any or all directions, actually pertains to bodies or objects appearing in time and space, either as a facts or as a thoughts. The notion of time and space are necessary in order to have the ability to move the body or any other object from one location or place to another. Simply see: for any and all movement, space is required. And, to measure the rate of speed or velocity of movement in space, time is required.

In spite of this, the fact of the matter is that time and space are both only concepts! They are both only ideas held in consciousness! In truth, they are not real; they do not exist in themselves. So, movement is in fact a concept in the prior Consciousness of the Self, which Itself is infinite and eternal, and therefore unmoving and unmovable.

Now, what does this reveal or say about the body? Since it requires concepts for its apparent existence (which are in themselves nonexistent), then in truth it does not itself actually exist, but is also a concept. It too is not real!

Multiplicity - There is in Truth only one Being, or One Reality, which in its infinity appears to contain within itself an infinite plurality, or multiple expressions of itself. This is the world idea as it appears in time and space, with its considerable number and variety of apparent objects - or persons, places and things. We should always try to not lose sight of or forget the One Essential underlying Existence transcending all appearances of duality or multiplicity.

The infinite multiplicity of the One, and the eternal Unity of the many are two apparent aspects of the One Reality that give rise to the principle and process or action of creation in manifestation. Identification with duality is itself suffering.


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