AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana



 J - K  

Jiva (Soul) - The seeming separate, Individual being, or Self (little "s"), living in any world, or in apparent time and space.

Jnana - is spiritual enlightenment; pure Knowing; abiding in pure Awareness, or pure Being.

Jnani - is one who is enlightened.

Karma - (Sanskrit) Is the principle of Action occurring with (and/or to) every apparent separate entity living in the world, or moving through the Universe with its stream of infallible effect. It is what each one of us is now working out, or is yet to work out from previous actions (causes) that we have already set in motion or are now setting in motion. The Bible states, "As you sow, so shall you reap," and "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword." Today this would also include "a gun" or "a bomb." This is similar to the principle discovered and declared by Isaac Newton as Newton's Third Law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Keeping the fire of transformation burning - Holding your attention steadily focused in the true Self, or I AM. Steadily remaining in the Self, or pure Being, will eventually burn away, neutralize or transform all of the binding or limiting conditioned habit patterns of the mind.

Keeping your agreements makes your world work - The phenomenal world is held together by agreement. Your agreement, as it pertains to a thing (anything), is what assures your mind of what's so about the thing, or is what "makes it real" as far as your mind is concerned. Therefore, if you don't keep your agreements, there can be no dependable assurance - no reliability, persistence, steadfastness or state of constancy - to your world, or in the world, or from the people you daily deal with in your life and world. [LMT]

"Kick Ass" - a "kick in the ass" is a rude, brusque or abrupt demand from life, or the world, that requires your attention, response, compliance or submission with regard to some situation, condition or set of circumstances.

In AHAM, it is often said the Guru may "kick ass" in order to get your attention, or to turn your negative behavior around. This is done in love, to intercede before the world does, making you wish you had listened to the Guru and his more gentle methods of persuasion or instructions. Even though the Guru sometimes uses "tough love" to guide or instruct you, it is not to cause you pain or make you suffer. It is to remove the insidious patterns of your mind that are the actual cause of your suffering. Kick ass, is "kick butt."

Knowledge-understanding-wisdom - In ascending order of importance, emphasis and influence: knowledge -, having direct insight, awareness, and familiarity with a subject or thing, based on one's study, or one's experience of it. Understanding - the quality of discernment and comprehension one has of a thing from having close contact and long experience with it. Wisdom - one's degree of Thought and intelligent understanding, including what is advisable, practical, sensible and far-reaching about the thing or subject under question - such as, what is the right, true, prudent and appropriate use of one's knowledge and understanding about a situation.

Kundalini - In yoga, it is the "serpent power" or energy force that is awakened and used traditionally to purify the body-mind, and ultimately to realize the Self. It is considered the primordial cosmic energy located in the individual at the base of the spine.

It is also often said in the system of yoga to have or be a mystic circle of three and a half coils and be situated in the umbilical region. It is the yogic principle of serpent power that in traditional meditation or yoga is directed up the central spinal nerve (sushumna) to the crown chakra (center) of the head (sahasrara) and which over time purifies the body-mind.


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