AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Get, Got or "Getting it" - is realizing the meaning or significance of a communication or experience; it is apperception; global or wholistic seeing; a direct insight; a revelation; (for all Heinlein science-fiction fans, it's to "grok" the situation).

It is fully grasping or comprehending the total, basic or perhaps entire or most noteworthy aspects of a situation, i.e., its meaning, value, worth, true importance and significance. [LMT]

Giving Service (See: Service)

God - The name given to That all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe; the Self manifesting as the Cosmos and Lord of Nature; the one Supreme Being. It is The Absolute, Divine Spirit; the timeless and spaceless Self. God is the All, and That which transcends All. The Pure Being of all beings. It is the One Reality and True Self of all that is.

God-Guru-Self - God is the Self of all. Being spirit, He (It) is all-pervasive. The devotee worships God to get to better know Him, to be with Him, or become one with Him. When the devotee's devotion reaches a high enough intensity, degree or state, God either comes to him or brings him to a personal Guru (one who has realized the Self) and points out to him that God actually dwells in the Heart-core of the devotee himself, as his very Self. This also reveals that God, Guru and the true Self are identical.

God and Self - God and Self (capital "S") are synonymous. God is the Supreme Self, the Source of all that is, the Divine Self of the Universe and of all seeming selves. Moses' realization of God, as recorded in the Bible, is " I AM THAT I AM." (Exodus 3:14) This was Moses' own spiritual enlightenment, the result of his long, intense meditation. Its significance is seen in the fact that this is the only verse anywhere in the entire Old and New Testaments Bibles that is written in all capital letters. The following or next verse further states that God's true name is " I AM," here again in capital letters. However, this does not mean that a man's ego or personal self (small "s") is God, and that he is free to act like a god. What is meant is, on ultimately realizing the true nature of one's self, one's pure being, Prior To one's identification with the body and mind - which is Enlightenment - it is Re-Cognized that all is Consciousness, and pure Consciousness is I AM, and this pure I AM, which is also pure Existence, is God. All seeming separate selves are actually living formations and expressions of the One Universal Consciousness and Existence, this I AM or Divine Self or Supreme Being, much like multiple waves appearing in a single Ocean of Being.

Godhead - is the Divine Being. It is the one Absolute Supreme Being.

Grace - is pure love and protection bestowed freely and without obligation on a person or situation by the Guru, or God, and/or sometimes seemingly by fate or one's Destiny.

Gross Body - The phenomenal or manifesting physical form and vital (alive) being appearing in consciousness; the part of our nature of which we are normally conscious - our surface or outer being consisting of the physical or food body, the vital being (related to life-energy and emotions, desires, passions, etc.), and the externalized Mind (having to do with cognition, Intelligence, Ideas, thought perceptions, etc.).

Gunas (Sanskrit) (modes or qualities of nature) - are the three fundamental qualities, tendencies or stresses that underlie all manifestation. In Sanskrit, these are called Sattva (purity), Rajas (activity) and Tamas (darkness, ignorance, inertia). They are the building blocks of primordial substance or nature, or Prakriti.

Guru - A personal spiritual teacher; a revered mentor or guide; a venerable sage or spiritual leader. (Sanskrit) "the dispeller of darkness; giver of light."

Guru function - is basically the force of Consciousness Itself appearing in the role of a being or an action serving spiritual seekers with the purpose of guiding or coaxing them back to the Self, freeing them from the confinement and limitations of body-mind identification, and releasing them into a higher state of consciousness. This vital function, in the highest sense, is actually performed or carried out by God taking a human form in the guise or role of the teacher, mentor, guide or Guru, who has entered the person's life when his/her intensity of devotion to the spiritual quest has reached a significant level of maturity. God, as the Guru, then teaches the student the Higher Truth regarding the Self.

It is also not uncommon that a seemingly ordinary event or situation - such as a book fatefully placed into one's hands, a saint's picture, an unforeseen passing event, an unexpected moment, some stirring sight, or a traumatic occurrence - serves this Guru function and has a profound effect on the person.

There is a well-known Eastern proverb that says: "When the student is ready, the Guru (or teacher) will appear." Traditionally, the Guru very often takes a human form and this relationship with the disciple is much greater and more intimate than that of a mere or ordinary teacher. Rather, it encompasses many interactions that one then has with the Divine. All that one thereafter receives is seen and felt to be coming from The Divine, and one's whole being is thus surrendered, remolded and made new by the Hand of God.

Guru Seva - is loving service rendered to the Guru. It is usually by caring for his/her physical needs and personal well being - such as buying, preparing, cooking and serving his food, washing his clothes, serving his guests, assisting him in serving his other devotees, and keeping his/her ashram (home) neat, clean, orderly and well maintained.


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