AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Effect - As in "at the effect of"; the consequences or outcome of one's beliefs or one's past. When one is "at the effect" of life, then one cannot cause it, and therefore feels powerless and victimized. One can move from being at effect to being At Cause by simply choosing to choose one's present experience; to Accept; Take What You Get. [LMT]

Ego - The state of affairs when someone has identified himself or herself with the body-mind as being the self. It is the body-mind; the separate and/or individual sense of "I"; the faculty in consciousness that develops, utilizes and centralizes everything in nature, i.e., all experiences, Thoughts, Ideas, Actions, etc., around the individual or separate "I"-sense, and thus maintains its existence as an apparently separate entity, or a personal self, that was born into time and space, grows old and eventually dies.

Ego-self — is the same as Ego.

Ending the search - Believing oneself to be a separate entity, and living in Duality, we are consequently seeking release from duality, and the end of suffering, which paradoxically is caused by this false belief, and sustained by the search for happiness and freedom from fear. Realizing that this is the Great Lie - the illusion called Maya, or Original Sin - is the beginning of the end of one's search.

Enlightened Way of Happiness-NOW - The spiritual "path" or "method" of apparent "return" to God, Self, Truth or Reality, introduced to the world by AHAM - THE ASSOCIATION OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL MANKIND. Of course, there actually is no "return" to God, for we are all always, already One with or inhering in God. God lives in us, as us. It only requires our Re-Cognition (again knowing) of this Truth.

Enlightenment - is Awakening to the true nature of the Self. It is true Self-realization. It is apperceiving (knowing with certainty) that the ordinary and usual appearance of this world, and the things of this world, are not as they appear to be, but rather are a mere illusion, and that everything is, in Truth, occurring in the mind, in one's imagination, for all is an apparent formation of the mind, occurring in the mind.

Enlightenment in this lifetime - is realizing the true Self, or spiritual Truth, while still living and retaining this present physical body.

Environment - The apparent natural world within which all the people, animals, plants and things appear, live and grow. It is all the natural factors influencing the life of organisms, such as light, heat and food; the conditions that surround people and affect the way they live.

Equal (Equality) - As spiritual beings, we are all in truth equal; or equal beings "in the sight of God," even though we do not appear to be so in the human mind, or circumstantially. This means, whether we realize it or not, we are all equipped with the necessary qualities, ingredients or means for accomplishing a purposeful objective, and for even being uniformly capable and balanced in the face of opposing positions or sides of an issue. It means we are capable of having the same privileges, rights, status and opportunities as others to succeed, whether or not we realize this or use it to our personal benefit when needed.

There is always the potential of discovering and expressing this spiritual equality that is potentially available to us all, although it is dormant in most of us. Discovery of the one Divine Self of us all, and seeing It as the one and only Truth manifesting or expressing itself everywhere, in spite of all its apparent differences in quality or degree, ultimately provides us with real and lasting peace, freedom, joy, and true equanimity in all things.

Error thinking - The stream of Thoughts and Ideas that stem from the false belief and assumption that the body and mind, or ego-self, is a person and is in fact the real self.

This includes many false beliefs: that one was born and is an individual entity; that he/she is in fact a separate, individual human being living in this apparently solid object world, having a separate existence and independent life apart from the One Source of all being - i.e., God the creator, the world and everyone else appearing in the world - and will one day die. In truth, all are an eternal and omnipresent expression of the One Infinite Self presently appearing in manifestation.

Essence - is the quality or nature of that which identifies it and makes it what it is. Essence cannot in truth be fully defined, it simply is. The essence of real being is Brahman, the one universal and essential fact, the nature of which is Sat-Chit-Ananda - Existence, Consciousness, Bliss - none of which are truly definable.

Ether - is the first of 5 basic elements with which consciousness (energy) forms itself as matter in manifestation. The first ripple or vibration in causal matter creates a new and exceedingly fine and pervasive condition that in Sanskrit is called akasha, or ether. A more complex motion evolves out of ether, having a somewhat more intense condition, which in Sanskrit is called vayu, or air. Then, by even more complex motion or increasing intensity of conditioning, the result is the successively developed elements or states of matter, i.e., (Sanskrit) agni, fire, apah, water, and prithvi, earth.

Evil - is holding and expressing Attitudes, Thoughts, Intentions and behavior patterns considered harmful and wrong by the majority of people; that is, being profoundly immoral and deliberately intended to cause harm, upset, loss and pain to others.

The effective form and image of evil is seen and experienced in blatant acts that cause or intend pain, suffering, loss, grief, falsehood, error, ignorance, weakness, wickedness, incapacity, wrong-doing; not doing what should be done; deviation from what is normal and denial of what is normal; egoistic separation from other beings with whom we should be one.

Evil is all these instances that exist as facts occurring in one's consciousness, not merely fictions or unrealities called evil. Although these may be seen occurring as facts in one's experience, or in relationship with someone else, in a real or total sense our actual evaluation may not necessarily be what we name them to be, or assign to them in our state of lived Duality or spiritual Ignorance. But generally speaking, we may safely classify these as evil, especially when they are intentionally expressed, demonstrated or perpetrated toward or against another, particularly when this is without just cause.

Evolution - The apparent progression of matter or manifestation into higher expressions of life; Spirit unfolding out of the density of matter into myriad physical forms; an apparent raising or heightening of the force of consciousness into manifestation in the world, or on the plane of manifestation, being apparently raised to a greater intensity and variety of expression; appearing in consciousness to rise from matter into higher intelligence or forms of life, and from such middle standard forms of life into even higher mind or consciousness, and from consciousness into pure awareness or Spirit. However, this all began first as the descending of spirit into matter and the cycling of experience in time-space.

Existence - Infinite and Eternal Being; indefinable and illimitable Reality; that which is, being pure I AM-ness, the nature of which is pure Consciousness resting in Itself, as Itself. Its primal nature is Bliss. It is That Which God is.

Experience (Experiencing) - This is what AHAM is about, the source of reality. It is personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur, as opposed to the memory or relayed story about them. It includes bringing all elements of what's occurring or going on into direct apprehension - mentally, emotionally and physically; being alert to what a thing really is, as it is. You can't experience a Concept, you can only experience in abstractions. [LMT]

It is completely and thoroughly undergoing, feeling, coming into contact with, living through and fully accepting all aspects of a situation or thing; actively engaging one's entire range or variety of sentient tools of perception while either confronting or being confronted by the thing or situation.

Externalizing mind - The objective aspect of consciousness that is turned outward onto the world. It is concerned with bringing ideas into expression or manifestation, giving name and form to them. It gives name and form to the physically perceived ideas appearing as manifestations in one's life, and sustains all these as believed mental or physical forms, classifying or naming them as they appear to be, or according to their apparent nature in time and space.


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