AHAM’s Glossary of Terms
by A. Ramana




Cause - Being "at cause" in your experience is the direct opposite of being "at Effect"; it is to intentionally create your life, to make it happen consciously, i.e., by commission rather than omission. If and when we are the cause of our lives, then we create our own reality and cannot be at its effect (or be victimized, or powerless). This is a principle that once realized and lived gives you incredible power over your own life. [LMT]

Causality - The inherent behind-the-scenes cause of things as they are presenting themselves to be; the Action that causes an effect, or the underlying ability to cause an effect.

There is constantly this modifying Change occurring both in and of the sum and form of things and circumstances seen and experienced in Time and Space; also a steady change occurring in the substance of all that appears in or on the field and ground of being, or in these two apparently real and existing concepts. These apparent changes in form, substance and circumstances are usually summed up in the language of science and philosophy as causality or causation, or as the workings of cause and effect.

In this stream of apparent universal movement of events occurring in manifestation, the antecedent state seems to be the cause of the subsequent state, or else the subsequent state seems to be the result of the previous causal actions of persons, objects or forces. However, what we call "the cause" may very well be only the prevailing circumstances in or of the moment, with no reference or connection at all to the previous events, or as having a preceding cause.

Change - To make different, to replace, substitute or exchange something for or into something else; to alter, vary or modify the results, routine or pattern of something; to shift from one state, stage or phase to another.

It is an alteration of something in the physical universe, being primarily an alteration in form (as opposed to Transformation), which is an alteration in the substance of a thing, or transubstantiation, which actually is more to the point of what AHAM and its teaching is really all about. [LMT]

Chatter - is the ceaseless activity or noise of your mind; the constant inner voices that direct your life from such non-experiential knowledge as beliefs, opinions, concepts, etc., which impose judgments and decisions - "Considerations" - on things and which distort or put up Barriers to experience. Also called " Yapitty-Yapitty. [LMT]

Chit (Consciousness) - Chit, Divine Consciousness, is not our mere mental self-awareness, which on investigation we find is only a mind-form, a lower and limited mode or mental movement, it is instead our Existence itself.

When we progressively awaken to the true spirit alive in us, the Self, we realize that all is consciousness, that there is also consciousness in plants, trees, minerals, in the elements, in the atoms of matter, and in all manifested things in nature, which is of a lower nature than the pure Conscious Awareness of the Self. Consciousness or Chit (Sanskrit) is the very substance and essence of the Self, while everything else, including so-called "inanimate" things are also manifestations in and of consciousness, though less evolved in intelligence - being mere mind-forms.

Choice; Choose - Being "at choice" in your experience is much higher on the scale of freedom of expression than deciding. When you are living "at choice," you have an infinite number of options at any time, as opposed to perception based on "decision" that limits you, by reducing your available options to only one of two apparent or seeming possibilities, which is often the lesser of two evils. [LMT] (See: It's not "I have to," but "I choose to").

Christ - The universal principle of love, truth and wisdom. On attaining pure Christ Consciousness, you can be said to be, "the only true Son of God," the one pure Consciousness that solely expresses the All-encompassing Being of Real God. This pure Consciousness, being our true Self-nature, is Itself the true Son of God, which even now lies dormant in the Heart or core of each one of us only awaiting the moment or instant of its Awakening and Realization.

Christ Consciousness - Awakening to the very Self and Truth that it is the Son of God; Realizing that God lives in us all, as us all; spiritually Awakening and expressing the very Self at all times.

Jesus' uniqueness was not that he was the Son of God, but that he actually knew or realized this Divine Fact, and consciously lived in and from this Realization. We are all Sons and Daughters of God. The majority of people are caught in spiritual ignorance and are unknowingly going through the apparently painful process of Awakening spiritually and Realizing this truth.

Clear - As in "getting clear," or "clarifying an issue." It is removing the debris that prevents you from seeing something cleanly and sharply; free from doubt, restriction, and obstruction; cloudless. One's Belief Systems are often the debris or obstructions that prevent people from "getting clear." [LMT]

"Clear space" - An infinite expanse, or extended area or domain in consciousness that is free of anything that dims, obscures, darkens or hinders, either by doubt, confusion, fear, qualification or limitation; it is free from burden, obligation, guilt, concepts, opinions and beliefs. It means plain and intelligible, empty, free of blemishes, obstructions or impurities of the mind. [LMT]

Commitment; dedication; resolve; vigilance - Respectively these are terms - as they pertain to oneself or one's spiritual practice - collectively meaning to commit oneself to a specific thing, objective, or course of action; or, making a promise, pledge or covenant to oneself or others regarding a thing, which implies sticking with it to completion, or until which time you have been agreeably or willingly relieved, discharged or dismissed.

Communication - The exchange of information between you and another, particularly the effective use of words to convey your Thoughts, Ideas, Position, perspective and/or Point of View. It is important to be consciously aware of and intentionally "mean what you say, and say what you mean,," and that you are not sending conflicting or contradictory messages or meanings by other signs or methods of communication, such as body language, gestures, or inflections in your voice as you speak.

Completing it all in this lifetime - The Commitment made to oneself to living in and from the Self, or attaining Enlightenment in this lifetime. It is a conscious intention and felt obligation to oneself to remain vigilant - i.e., loyal, watchful, alert, attentive, careful and dedicated - to this purposeful intention and resolving to carry it through to final completion.

Completion - is gathering or calling up all needed or necessary parts, ingredients or aspects of a situation, or condition, so as to terminate, fulfill or bring it to conclusion or closure. It means precise, thorough and total involvement of all needed aspects or parts of a situation in order to finalize, fulfill, resolve or make it whole.

Compulsive tendencies - Patterns of behavior from the past, often unconscious, that now propel one to act in a certain way or manner; being required, constrained, inclined or induced to behave, act or move in a certain direction, or formal way based on a necessary urging that conforms to one's past, which often indicates apparent lack of choice or control in the matter.

Concept - A general idea derived from particular instances; a Thought, notion, Idea, theory that is held and/or believed in the mind that is not necessarily a fact, or what's true.

Conscious - Conventionally it means being awake and responsive to stimuli; it is to be aware of something and attaching importance to it; it's aware of issues relating to a particular topic, idea or concept as having importance. It is "being concerned with." It relates to that part of the mind that is capable of thinking, choosing or perceiving.

In AHAM, it is aware of one's own existence and environment, being aware of one's self and the world. It is aware of "I" and "not I," being fully awake, aware and alert; capable of Thought or perception; having the power to will or Choose.

Conscious awareness - It is fully alert attention given to any state, issue, situation or thing.

Conscious Connection - is being fully aligned and in tune with a person, place, thing, or situation.

Conscious Curriculum - In AHAM, a system of learning or a course of study created from Enlightenment to produce Enlightenment; designed to quicken the consciousness of the student, producing spiritual awakening or direct, Conscious Awareness of the true Self; a description of AHAM's courses, workshops and seminars.

Conscious Intention - A steady and alert plan, aim, purpose or objective to which you are consciously dedicated.

Conscious and Subconscious Mind - Mind, even though in each entity it is one, it actually functions through two major aspects: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious aspect is the acting or perceiving subject, but which has become an apparent object due to its identification with the body and with objectivity - it being that aspect that is objectively aware. It is the personal aspect, or "I." You might think of it as masculine, or the male part.

The subconscious aspect of mind, even in its apparently objective form, is impersonal and entirely subjective. It is not objectively aware of objects in the usual sense, being not even aware of itself. Yet, it contains within itself both the subjective "I" (or objective "me") as well as all that we are objectively aware of that is "not-I," or not "me." You might think of it as feminine, or the female aspect.

The subconscious is the source and receptacle of all manifestation, yet is itself unmanifested. It is unmanifested, as the source, yet all manifestation is its expression.

The conscious aspect, or "I," is the personal aspect of mind and is identified with the body. It considers itself to be the body, and the body to be the "self." It sees the world and all objects in the world - all "other" phenomena or manifestation - as "not I," and postulates some power outside itself as the cause and creator of all that it sees, including itself. It usually conceives, projects and names this separate creator as "God."

The subconscious aspect of mind is what contains all that the conscious aspect names as "not-I." All is contained in the subconscious aspect of mind, for it is the impersonal phase of mind, and is man's link with Universal Mind, being the direct connection with Infinite Being, or Real God.

An analogy describing these two phases of mind is the comparison of the mind with an iceberg floating in the ocean. The portion that is visible above the surface, the tip of the iceberg, represents the conscious phase; that portion that is invisible or below the surface is the subconscious phase. Like the floating iceberg, only a very small part of the mind in comparison to the whole is above the surface. The subconscious includes far more than the conscious phase, for the conscious is identified with the body and visible world only, while the subconscious has a relationship with all of creation - seen and unseen, known and unknown.

The conscious aspect is that phase that says "I," or "I am," when you say "I am going," "I am doing," "I am poor," "I am prosperous," "I am happy," or "I am unhappy." Any statement or remark that implies that "you are," and that you are aware of some particular state of being or experience, is the function of your Conscious Mind. (Pages 109-110, Handbook to Perpetual Happiness)

Consciousness - The one fundamental substance and essence of everything; that which everything is, and of which it is made. It is the energy, motion, movement, or current that created and sustains the universe and all that is in it. Both the macrocosm and the microcosm are nothing but consciousness arranging and/or rearranging itself. When pure, still and unconditioned, it is "I AM," the pure reflection of pure Awareness, before the arising of mind and the thought "I am the body" or the appearance of form. Ordinarily, it is awareness of a particular state of being. Also, it is special awareness of or sensitivity to a particular issue or situation. With a small "c," it is the sense of one's personal and/or collective identity after the rising of mind.

Conscious Process - A deliberate, purposeful learning experience. It is looking at and experiencing - in an expanded state of awareness, and without judgment - all that is actually so with regard to a specific situation or area in your life, by uncovering or bringing into the light of Conscious Awareness your fixed or unconscious notions and Attitudes about it.

In a Conscious AHAM Training Process, such as Re-Vision™, the Truth Process, the AHAM Completion Process™, or I AM Centering Process™, you intentionally bring up all these areas, bringing them into your consciousness in order for them to be seen, accepted and released, or dissolved, neutralized or transformed, resulting in a clear and spontaneous release into freedom, peace and joy. [LMT]

Consciousness speaking to Consciousness - Most of AHAM's teaching, including its authorized training programs, its various publications, tracts, pamphlets, articles, etc., have been developed by A. Ramana, or have been approved by him for inclusion in AHAM's Conscious Curriculum. This includes even the articles used from the writing or words of other enlightened teachers. AHAM's teaching, therefore, is not based on speculation, concepts, theories, beliefs or mere points of view, but rather is what the Self or pure Being has directly revealed. It is from the pure Consciousness of the Self being spoken or conveyed to your own consciousness. And, if you are open to receive it, it deeply stirs the Truth lying dormant or silently within you, whether you know or realize it at the time or not, or even whether you believe it or not.

To the extent that you are open and receptive, it plants a seed in your consciousness that in time will eventually germinate and begin to grow as your own experience - even if it's in a future lifetime. In the Bible, it says "The spirit of truth in man bears witness to the truth." When you are open and receptive to AHAM's teaching, and not defending long held beliefs, positions or points of view, but are willing to surrender your beliefs to a higher understanding, you will feel the stirring of the Truth within you, testifying to the truth of AHAM's Conscious Teaching.

Conscious support - is wishing to see someone or some cause, policy, procedure or organization succeed, and giving them your genuine encouragement, backing and assistance. With people in AHAM, it means being responsible, alert and On Purpose in aiding, confirming or supporting someone in his/her intention to live the AHAM Teaching, or to be open, clear or complete in a given area or aspect of his/her life. It is also giving support to AHAM itself and to its Conscious Teaching being shared in the world, and assisting in whatever way you can in carrying out AHAM's mission and purpose.

Conscious Teacher - a Jnani; an enlightened guide, trainer or Guru who lives permanently in the true Self.

Considerations - A person's conditioned system of values or Beliefs, his/her conclusions and Assumptions, which include judgments, conclusions, decisions, reasons, opinions, etc. These are usually Barriers to Truth because they get in the way of seeing what's really happening now, or in the present moment; they are a part of one's past which usually has to be acknowledged before one chooses, and which often dictates why or what one chooses; all of the things people use to "Be Right," to justify their positions, points of view and behavior. [LMT]

Cosmic Consciousness - is the vast, limitless consciousness of this infinite universe, being the celestial spirit and infinite nature of all the incalculable beings and forces contained in the cosmos; the ordered system of all apparent manifestation. In the heavenly state of cosmic consciousness, the limits, boundaries and borders of the personal mind and body, the ego, are seemingly insignificant. One becomes aware of the universal or cosmic vastness filling one's being, as well as aware of the direct play of all the cosmic forces, i.e., universal mind, life forces and all energies of matter, as being expressions of the one cosmic Self.

Cosmic-Habit-Force, The Principle of - Every phase of the creative process, as it is expressing throughout the entire universe, operates according to this repetitive Law of Habit. Every phase of the intelligent expression of both personal and group creativity operates on the premise of this Law of Cosmic-Habit-Force. This means that once a particular Thought or Idea is repeatedly embraced or entertained, it becomes formed as a pattern in the mind. And once a pattern is formed and repeated enough times for it to become well established, it will continually or automatically operate in that field of expression and area of life - unless it is consciously and intentionally neutralized or changed by revising it, and a new choice, an entirely different thought pattern is selected to fill the space left by its absence or removal. (Page 164, The Handbook to Perpetual Happiness, by A. Ramana) (See: The Law of Reversibility).

Cosmos - The manifested universe that is seen, considered or Thought of as a universal, ordered and integrated whole. It is an ordered system, containing a harmonious whole.

Creation - In itself, creation is already finished or complete. So, what appear to be "new creations" are not actually the making or building of a new "something" - either out of one thing, or something else, or out of "nothing," - but rather is a projection, a reforming or fashioning of the one substance of Consciousness around a new idea or new concept, as it appears as the present apparently new condition now manifesting in space and time. This means "new creations" are not in fact a process of "newly making," but rather is a process of reforming or refashioning the one and only substance (consciousness) that always, already is, in Itself (it being the single building block or substance of the universe) into a new arrangement that appears in matter. It is more of a "re-forming" or "re-applying" or "becoming another different expression of itself" that appears in time and space, being only a new appearance in the One existence.

Cult - It is a group of people who share religious, spiritual or other Beliefs. A secondary meaning is, an informal and transient system of beliefs regarded by orthodox religionists as being misguided and unacceptable, or that its members have extreme or excessive admiration for a person, philosophy of life, or activity. It may include a body of organized practices and beliefs supposed to involve interaction with and control over supernatural powers. It is also a self-defined group of people who share a specific, distinct or definite interest or perspective.

When you really consider most of these established meanings of the word "cult," one outstanding example would be the Vatican, the Pope, and the Catholic Church. Also included would be most if not all Protestant Churches, especially those where the committed members have a very high regard and loyalty to their charismatic pastor, and an "extreme or excessive admiration" for the personage of Jesus Christ.

The conventional meaning of a cult is, that it depicts a religious group that holds opinions and beliefs that are heretical. Heresy is defined as an opinion or belief that contradicts established orthodox religious teaching, especially one that is condemned by a religious authority. It is one that holds an opinion or belief that does not coincide with established or traditional theory, especially in philosophy, science or politics; it's holding an unorthodox opinion that is in conflict with the established or traditionally accepted religious theory, or orthodox fundamentalism.

When you really consider this definition of heresy, the most noticeable personages that qualify, or meet this standard definition and fall perfectly within this traditional description of the term, is none other than Jesus Christ, his disciples, and their group of dedicated followers, the early Christians. Every aspect of the definition of heresy describes Jesus and his disciples and the strong criticism of them by the Pharisees, i.e., the fundamentalists or conservative elements of the so-called religious "right" existing at that time.

Times change, but people very often do not. The strong, dogmatic, even fanatical beliefs of people strongly caught up in their own brand of religion, or their own spiritual ideas and practices, which largely includes today's orthodox religions, are very often held and defended as being the only "right" way to think and believe. They even strongly guard against or protect themselves from what they believe are the threatening views and teachings of others that differ with their own. They especially defend their offspring, relatives and friends, fearing that their lives might be subjected to these "different beliefs" and become influenced or "corrupted" by them. This is almost always with people who are in fact entirely ignorant of the ideas, concepts or teachings of the group in question, which they have already condemned. They are usually not the least bit familiar with what the other group actually teaches.

This is the very attitude and behavior of the Pharisees defending their Jewish religion and tradition at the time, and is what historically happened to Jesus and his disciples, and the members of the early Christian church. And, it is what is also now happening today with many if not most so-called Christians.

In those days, as history reveals, these early adherents to the then new teaching of Jesus did not fare so well. Many were put to death for their new and different religious views. Today, in America, and certain other democracies, we at least have religious freedom that protects us from being executed for our different beliefs or spiritual views.

So, historically speaking, Ramana and AHAM are "in good company" not unlike Jesus and his followers, being in complete and full agreement, accord and adherence with the actual message of Truth that was shared by Jesus, and not any different than the primary principles and the purity of Jesus' teaching - particularly that all of us are sons and daughters of God, and heirs to God's kingdom.

Jesus said, "Seek first the kingdom of God, and His Righteousness, and all else will be added unto you" (or be yours as well) (Mathew 6:33). When Jesus was asked about the location of God's kingdom, he said, "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Lo, here it is!' or 'There!' for behold the kingdom of God is within you," (Luke 17:20-21). (Italics added).

This is not different than AHAM's Teaching, brought to the world by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, which is to Inquire into the sense of "I" and follow it inward until you locate the true Self, or the Heart of being, which is not different from God. It is Itself Christ Consciousness, which is not different than Jesus' own realization that God dwelled eternally within him as the very Self of his own being. "He who has seen me has seen the Father." (i.e., the Source) (John 14:9) for "I and the Father are one." (John 10:30) He also said, "If you believe, then the works that I do you will do also, and even greater works than these will you do." (John 14:12)

And when you consider that most if not all Roman Catholics have extreme or even excessive admiration for and dedication to the Pope, and perhaps their local priest as their preceptor and spiritual leader, just as most AHAM devotees have for Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, and even for Arunachala Ramana, AHAM's founder and spiritual director, then, being in the same category as these prime examples, AHAM admittedly confesses and confirms that it too is a spiritual cult, when used in the highest sense of the word.

Current of Consciousness - is a subtle yet discernable flow of Conscious Awareness arising or issuing forth from the spiritual Heart and circulating throughout one's entire inner and outer being. When discerned, it is experienced vibrantly, continuously in and as oneself, as "I-I-I." (See, Sphurana)


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